Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Wildfire #18 The Voices of Julie and #19 Second Best

Wildfire #18 The Voices of Julie, Joan Oppenheimer, 1979

Julie can stay out with Nick as late as she wants.  She can skip homework or chores— she's got it made!  She lives with her easy going aunt Roz who lets her do anything.

Her only problem is Tony, her best friend's brother.  Tony doesn't approve of Julie.  He keeps trying to get her to shape up.  And he makes her so mad!  Julie wishes he would stay out of her life—until the unforgettable night when she gets lost in the fog...

The first half of the story is annoying and partially boring.  Julie does impressions, and they aren't funny in the book.  If I could have seen a live action version of Julie doing the impressions, then I might have found them entertaining.  I skipped over all of the impressions as well as the parts where Julie is the class clown.

Later in the story, Julie quits doing the impressions as she experiences personal growth.  This part of the story is much better.  The first part of the story is just okay, while the later part is very good.

Wildfire #19 Second Best, Helen Cavanagh, 1979

Shelly Barr thinks she's boring and plain, and always feels second best.  But Ryan Gallagher thinks she's someone special and wants to go steady with her!  She’s excited and happy—until her sister fixes her up with Nick, a sophisticated college boy.

Shelly tries to keep the date a secret, but Ryan finds out and angrily breaks up with her.  And Shelly's not even sure she likes Nick.  Their first date was such a disaster! 

Shelly's so worried.  All she wants is Ryan, but she wonders if a second-best girl can wind up in first place...

This story seems to have inspired the Sweet Valley High book, Lovestruck.  Shelly tries to act sophisticated, like Ken Matthews.  Shelly doesn't get her paper written, so she plagiarizes someone else's paper, just like Ken does.  As is typical, the back cover summary of the Wildfire book fails to mention these plot points.

This is a very good book.

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