Thursday, May 30, 2019

Wildfire #32 Junior Prom and #33 He Loves Me Not

32. Junior Prom, Patricia Aks, 1982

Amy is positive she’s the only sophomore who has never had a date!  She doesn't even know any boy—except Jeff.  But he's quiet and shy and hardly knows Amy is alive.  

More than anything, Amy wants to go to the Junior Prom.  She won't have a chance, though, unless she does something drastic.  So she launches a campaign to get a Prom invitation from a junior boy. 

Her plan seems to work at first.  She has dates with Grant and Len and Hank.  But no boy asks her out twice.  What does Amy do wrong?  When the prom is just ten days away, Amy loses all hope of ever being asked.  But then...

The word "retarded" is used in this book at least three times and possibly more than that.  I did not keep track.  That word is now quite offensive, so it really stands out when used in old books.

Amy goes about impressing her dates in the stupidest way possible.  She memorizes information about each boy's interests, and then she throws as much of that information as she can into their conversations.  Each boy must think she is crazy, which is why none of them ask her out again.

I found the book to be quite boring, and I only stuck through it out of curiosity.  I wanted to see when Amy comes to her senses.  I marginally enjoyed the book and skimmed parts of it.

33. He Loves Me Not, Caroline B. Cooney, 1982

Alison has never had a boyfriend—or even a date!  She plays piano with a band and spends her weekends performing at parties and dances.  She works hard, and she has no time for anything except school and work.

When she meets Ted it looks like an impossible relationship.  Ted is just as busy as she is.  And they don't even go to the same school.  Still, he asks for Alison's phone number, and Alison begins to hope that maybe—just maybe—her life is going to change...

The plot moves very slowly in this book, but the story is very good.  For some reason, the slow pace did not bother me at all.

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