Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wildfire #24 Lisa and #25 Secret Love

Wildfire #24 Lisa, Arlene Hale, 1981

Brad and Lisa.  Lisa and Brad.  The most popular couple in Centerville High.  Always together, the center of attention.

Lisa is crushed when her parents announce that they're going abroad for the summer, and Lisa will be staying with her grandparents in tiny Reynolds, Iowa—on a farm.

Lisa hates Reynolds from the start.  She thinks she hates Charlie, too, the "country boy" from down the road.  But after a few weeks she's not so sure.  Charlie is caring and strong and sweet.  And by the end of the summer they're in love!

But Lisa is going back to Centerville.  Will Charlie still be important?  Or will Lisa get caught up in her old life... with Brad?

This is another misleading summary.  The book is about Lisa being rude to her grandparents, running around with horrible people, and ignoring people who are worthwhile.

Lisa is far too interested in being popular and being seen with popular kids for me to like her much.  She is clueless for practically the entire book.  The growth needs to happen a little sooner for me to enjoy reading the story.  I also didn't find Charlie that alluring.  The book is just okay until near the end when it gets better once Lisa finally gets a clue.

Wildfire #25 Secret Love, Barbara Steiner, 1982

The first red rose arrives after Mandy sprains her ankle.  The second one comes on her birthday.  The cards are not signed. 

Mandy hardly has time to think about it—her sophomore year is so confusing!  Matt wants to go steady, but Mandy’s not ready.  Pris, her best friend, is only interested in dating, so she and Mandy are growing apart.  And Ted,  her longtime friend, is acting distant and cool.

The roses remain a mystery—until ten more arrive the day of the Christmas dance, and Mandy
learns that secret love can be true love...

Mandy has no idea who is sending her roses, but it's pretty obvious to the reader which boy really likes her.

This is a good book.

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Tai said...

I like how Mandy's dwindling friendship with Pris is dealt with in the book. I can remember being very young and hurt that my best friend was no longer my best friend anymore.