Thursday, May 9, 2019

Wildfire #16 I Want to Be Me and #17 The Best of Friends

Wildfire #16 I Want to be Me, Dorothy Bastien, 1978

Starting over in a new school is hard for anybody.  But it's a disaster when your father is the new principal!  Donna's miserable at school—and at home.  Her parents don't trust her, and never let her go to parties or dances.

The only bright spot in Donna's life is Tack—strong, sensible, happy-go-lucky Tack.  Everybody likes him—except Donna's father.  He says Tack's too old for her, and forces Donna to break her very first date with him.  She's crushed and Tack doesn't understand.  Does Donna care about him enough to face her father's anger?

This book is not really a romance.  The story is about Donna's excessively strict parents who do not trust her at all.  As Donna copes with her loneliness, she becomes aware of the plight of the wild horses, which are being killed by ranchers.  Donna must go against her parents in order to help the horses.  Donna also does a little investigating as she tries to discover what a neighbor is doing in his old barn.

This story is quite compelling.  It is excellent.

Wildfire #17 The Best of Friends, Jill Ross Klevin, 1981

Allison Lawrence has given up hope.  She's convinced that Bobby Stern, the boy of her dreams, will never notice her.

It takes gorgeous Susannah Ellis to turn Allison's life around.  The girls agree to swap—Allison will help Susannah improve her grades, and Susannah will help Allison improve her looks... and win Bobby!

Before she knows it, Bobby asks Allison for a date, and soon they're going steady.  But Allison's dream bubble bursts when Bobby starts mentioning a friend named Judy... and breaking dates. 

Miserable and confused, Allison decides to break up with Bobby—and has the surprise of her life!

I had previously tried to read the two books by Jill Ross Klevin that came earlier in the Wildfire set.  I was not able to read either book due to finding them to be completely boring.  For that reason, I didn't want to give this book a chance.

I started reading it and noted the same excessive detail about the physical attributes and personalities of both Allison and Susannah.  I quit reading and read a few other books.  I tried again and finally managed to get out of the first chapter, which is terribly boring.

The story greatly improves after the first chapter.  While the synopsis does describe the general plot, the book is more about Allison becoming friends with Susannah, who is completely different from her, than it is about romance.  I found the girls' relationship to be fascinating as it developed through the story.  This is a very good book.

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