Hidden Clues Informational Posts

This is a list of the posts in my "Hidden Clues" series.  I chose the name "Hidden Clues" as a nod to the Society of Phantom Friends and their newsletter, "The Whispered Watchword."  The Phantom Friends took its name and the name of its newsletter from two Judy Bolton titles.  I took "Hidden Clues" from the Judy Bolton title, The Hidden Clue.

The purpose of "Hidden Clues" is to clear up common misconceptions and to share information that those of us who have been collecting for 20 or more years take for granted.  We know this information, and 20+ years ago, everyone collecting knew it.  That information is still with us, but we have been remiss about sharing some of these facts with people who have joined us since the heyday of the Yahoo! groups.

#1 The Judy Bolton Revisions

#2 The Scarcity of Nancy Drew #55 and #56

#3 Trixie Belden Deluxe Editions

#4 Collecting the Entire Nancy Drew Series

#5 The Dana Girls Revisions

#6 The Textured Nancy Drew Flashlight Editions

#7 Judy Bolton Picture Cover Scarcity

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