Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Updating My Library Thing Database

In the last few years, I have sold quite a few books from my collection.  The books tended to be international editions, library editions, series books that no longer interested me, or books in the public domain that I didn't need to keep on hand.

Early this year, I published a series of posts detailing how I decided what to remove from my collection.

My Collection Parameters Part 1: The International Editions
My Collection Parameters Part 2: The Library Editions
My Collection Parameters Part 3: Thinning Out Book Sets
My Collection Parameters Part 4: Collectibles
My Collection Parameters Part 5: Nancy Drew Sets

My collection has been catalogued since 2014 on Library Thing.  I have tried to keep up with it, but I sold off so many books in the last few years that I didn't remove all of them from the database.  I'd like to get that fixed.

I spent several hours last night and this morning creating screen captures of what is on Library Thing, pasting them into a document, and then printing the pages.  I have 118 printed pages of images which are grouped in alphabetical order by my tags used on Library Thing. 

I am in the process of placing the pages in a 3-ring binder.  I will go shelf by shelf marking out the books that I find.  Once I'm finished, any books that didn't get marked out will be deleted from Library Thing.  This will take awhile since I have over 5,000 books to check.  Many of the books are up high and are double-shelved, so this won't be easy.

I can already see some additional books that I want to get rid of just based on seeing the images on Library Thing.  No doubt I will pull more books from my collection as I check through everything.

I do anticipate that I will begin selling again online sometime in the next few weeks.  When I make that decision, Etsy will most likely reopen first followed by eBay at a later date.