Thursday, January 5, 2023

My Collection Parameters Part 4: Collectibles

Collectibles such as puzzles and board games take up a lot more space than books do.  For that reason, I am less enthusiastic about this kind of item.  I am mainly all about the books and not the other stuff.

I have the Nancy Drew board game from the 1950s, but I do not own a copy of the one from the 1960s.  I am partial to the earlier game and have no interest in the later game.

I do not own the Madame Alexander Nancy Drew doll.  It would only collect dust and be a nuisance to maintain.  Besides, I have never been interested in it.

I have never wanted the Nancy Drew Halloween costume from the late 1970s.  It would also be a difficult item to maintain and display.

I have no interest in any memorabilia associated with the Bonita Granville Nancy Drew movies of the 1930s.  I do have one lobby card, but only because I got lucky at an estate sale.

I will likely sell it eventually.

I recently sold the red and white Nancy Drew Diaries because they never meant anything to me. 

They are better off in the hands of someone who will treasure them.

I am also not interested in many of the modern collectibles.  Most modern Nancy Drew collectibles recycle artwork from the original 56.  I prefer collectibles that bring something new to the table. 

The Cobble Hill puzzles are very nice, but they have the same old cover art.  We've had postcards, notebooks, jewelry, and many other items with reproductions of the original cover art.  I would prefer to see something new that is inspired by the original cover art.  That is precisely why I collect the international editions.

Fans were excited when the recent Nancy Drew game was released at Barnes and Noble.  It's no surprise why; the game features new artwork.  The artwork is based on the original art, but is instead a fresh take on it rather than a reproduction of the original art.

I wish we had more items with a fresh take on the old illustrations.  Having the same artwork show up over and over gets a bit boring.

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