Tuesday, November 22, 2022

eBay and Etsy Sales Reactivated

I reinstated my sales on both eBay and Etsy.  

My Etsy listings are 10% off.  

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

My listings have dwindled greatly because many of the books were listed in July and just expired.  I won't be reactivating those listings until sometime in January or February since I have to pay to reactivate each listing.

The items still active on Etsy are items that were just listed in October.

My eBay listings are 12% off.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

I am hoping to get at least a few more books sold before I close down both stores.  I still don't know when I will close, but it will be by around December 12 at the latest.  It could be as soon as next week.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Nancy Drew and Mary Louise Gay Books

Last Tuesday morning, I checked eBay and saw four different listings that were all of high interest.  I had to make a fast decision on whether to purchase the books in order to avoid missing out.  I detailed what happened on my Facebook page immediately after I completed the purchases.

This just happened.  I checked eBay as one of my first activities of the day.  I saw a bulk lot of low-value Nancy Drew books with one library edition.  I felt certain that I had that particular variant.  (My goal is all titles in all colors.  Yeah, I know.)  I then noticed all three Mary Louise Gay books in separate listings.  The jackets were not faded and were A. L. Burt editions.  Now I knew that one or more of mine were faded.  However, I had to check on the library edition first.

The fixed-priced Nancy Drew library edition listings go fast, sometimes extremely fast.  I went to the other side of the house to verify that I had Moss-Covered Mansion in that color.  I saw only three copies in fairly bad shape and none of them that color.  Omigosh!

I jogged back to the computer, still feeling like I ought to have that one.  Nevertheless, I quickly purchased the bulk lot.  I then went to LibraryThing, where I found no evidence of having that variant.  Wow.

I then proceeded to the Mary Louise Gay listings.  Since the books were just mentioned on Facebook in one of the groups in passing, I knew that I needed to decide quickly.  I knew where most of my A. L. Burt books were, but I didn't see the MLG books at first glance.  I pulled out some of the Burt books from in the front and found them in the back.  All three had noticeably faded spines!

I went back to the computer and added all three books to my cart.  I then double-checked each listing to make sure that all three were Burt and that all three jackets were original and not reproductions.  Everything looked good, so I purchased the books. 

What an unexpected exciting start to my day!

The books from both orders arrived today.  Here is the library edition.

The library edition does have a hideous stain on the outside vertical edge.

No matter.  I collect the books for what is on the outside.  The book will still look great on the shelf with its three siblings and many cousins.  

It is the third book from the left in the front row.  

The Mary Louise Gay books arrived just as described.  The camera flash makes the spines appear slightly faded.  In person, they do not appear faded at all.  The jackets are in really nice shape.

When I posted about the books on Facebook, one person asked how I could tell that the jackets were not reproductions.  I answered as follows.

In most cases, you can't be sure.  I have to depend on the seller's honesty.  I believe that this seller is knowledgeable enough to know and that they are not lying about the jackets.  I don't see any warning signs that the jackets are reproductions.  Usually reproductions look too sharp and straight at the edges and the colors will be off a little bit.

The jackets are real.  Here are photos showing the ads on the reverse side of each jacket.

Here are the spines of the jackets of the books that I have owned for years.  The fading is quite noticeable.

It was more important to me to own Burt editions with good quality paper than to settle for Saalfield editions with pulp paper.  The Burt editions are much nicer than the Saalfield reprints, and I was okay with faded spines so long as I had original Burt editions.

The Burt editions are extremely scarce as compared to the Saalfield reprints.  I would say that out of every 20 copies of the Mary Louise Gay books that come up for sale, only one of those books will be a Burt edition.  That was why I had to act fast when I saw the listings.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Averting a Dental Disaster

This is a story about how important it is not to wait too long to fix any developing dental problems.

In late August, I gave a final update on what happened with my dental implants.

What Happened with My Teeth and Some Advice

The two teeth that were extracted and replaced with implants were #30 and #31 on the lower right side.  Tooth #18 and tooth #19 on the lower left side have been a concern for several years and were on hold due to the two extractions.  Both #18 and #19 had large fillings.  Tooth #18 was missing the inner back corner, and tooth #19 was missing part of the front of the tooth and the inner side was worn down.  

During the 14 months that I had to chew on the left side only as I went through the implant process, I was worried about whether #18 and #19 would continue to hold up.  Throughout late 2021 and early 2022 I checked on the appearance of each tooth around once per month.  They seemed to be holding steady, for which I was thankful.

In June as my implant crowns continued to be redone over and over due to them not fitting, I noticed that the filling in tooth #19 was wearing down further.  It had had three little craters on the edges of the filling which were growing slightly larger but were still quite small.  This was not a good sign, but the changes were minor.

On July 7, I finally got the implant crowns and had no desire for any additional dental work anytime in the near future.  I had had enough.  I continued to watch #18 and #19 hoping that they would last until at least early next year.

I began checking both teeth once per week due to my increasing concern.  #18 seemed to have lost a small piece of filling.  #19 had worn down some more, but I thought that the teeth would be hold together a bit longer.

During the evening of September 14, I did my weekly check on both teeth.  I detected that tooth #19 had changed some more.  As I carefully studied its appearance with my face close to the mirror and with a flashlight shining on it, I became quite alarmed.  I felt that this could no longer wait.  I had no way of knowing how long the filling had before failure, but I felt that it could be down to just weeks or even days.

I have such vivid memories of the pain I had from the infected teeth in the summer of 2021, which peaked from June 29 to July 2.  That was the worst pain I have ever experienced.  I wanted to avoid having a tooth break apart.  I didn't want to have that kind of pain again if I could avoid it. 

Even though the last thing I wanted was more dental work, I called the dentist the first thing the next morning.  I was thrilled that an appointment was available just one week later on September 22.  Since I had a date, I decided to go on a soft diet to prevent the filling from breaking before my appointment.

I was told that my insurance was maxed out for the year due to my implant crowns.  That was no surprise, and I didn't care.  I felt that this was an emergency.  My guiding motto is that I will pay more for something if it will improve the quality of my life.  Getting the tooth fixed before the filling failed was more important than trying to wait until January in order to reduce the cost.

At my appointment, my dentist assessed both teeth.  She felt that tooth #18 was completely fine with no cause for concern.  She asked if tooth #19 hurt or whether it was sensitive.  I replied "no" to both questions but stated that I knew that it was about to fail.  She deferred to my opinion, and we proceeded with tooth #19.  The plan was to leave tooth #18 alone, since she felt that it was okay.

I always remind my dentist that my thyroid condition causes me to need more local anesthesia than is typically needed.  While I don't know how much I need, I suspect from my past experiences that I need more than double the amount that most people need.  My thyroid condition causes my body to metabolize substances abnormally.  Local anesthesia just doesn't do much for me.

The area was numbed, and my dentist started on the top of the filling.  I could feel the drill, although the pain was just very slight.  I knew what would happen if we continued.  She stopped after around 30 seconds and asked if I could feel it.  Since I could, she gave me more local anesthesia.  This how my dental work always goes.

Since my dentist had taken a little bit of the top of the filling, she could see the three breached areas of the filling in tooth #19 better.  She was coming around to my opinion about the filling, commenting that a single firm bite might have been enough to break it.

She could now see that tooth #18 had a cavity in the part of the filling that had worn down some.  That was the part of tooth #18 that had concerned me.  Before continuing with the crown prep for tooth #19, my dentist removed the cavity from tooth #18 and fixed that filling.  I could still feel the drill, by the way.  It was only slight pain, not enough to worry about.  While it wasn't enough to be bothersome at all, it showed that I still wasn't properly numb after two doses of local anesthesia.

My dentist then proceeded with getting tooth #19 prepped for a crown.  As she finished up, I was definitely starting to feel some noticeable pain, but it was still pretty low on a scale of 1 to 10, so I got through it fine.

So, was I right about tooth #19?

After my dentist finished prepping the tooth, she told me that when she started on the side wall of the tooth that the filling popped right out.  She said that I was right and that the filling would not have lasted much longer, no more than two months at the very most.

Whew!  Disaster averted.  I made the right decision.  The filling would not have lasted until my coverage reset.

The entire time I've played this waiting game with tooth #19 I knew that I couldn't wait too long.  I didn't want to get more dental work done, but I didn't want to have a dental emergency, either.  I played the waiting game as long as I could, and I quit waiting just in time.

In order to avoid having the temporary crown come lose, I chewed on the right side only until my October 13 appointment.  That was really difficult for me.  I chewed on the left side only for 14 months, and I still prefer the left side.  In several instances, I put food in my mouth and starting chewing away on the left side and then realized with horror what I was doing.  I stopped myself and switched to the right side.  Fortunately, the temporary crown stayed in place until my appointment.

I got my permanent crown on October 13, and it fit perfectly on the first try.  Yay!  It feels really comforting to know that my teeth on both sides are now in great shape and that for the first time in several years, I don't have to fear disaster whenever I chew.  

Saturday, November 12, 2022

eBay/Etsy Store Sale and Upcoming Hiatus

Skip to the end of the post for sale information.  I post about health situations so that people who search online for those topics could run across my posts and glean some useful information.

My immune system has gone bonkers since I got the bivalent Moderna booster on September 23.  I have heard of people having strong vaccine reactions after having had Covid, and unfortunately, I seem to have joined the crowd.  I had Covid in July, and I believe my immune system has gone into overdrive in an attempt to destroy the vaccine.  The upside is that I should now have very strong protection from getting Covid.  

I've been dealing with hives and the most intense itching ever.  I have memory problems and a poor mental attitude, the likes of which I typically see in a strong autoimmune flare.  The problem is that I'm not exactly flaring, at least not in a normal fashion.  I feel certain that this is from the vaccine.

My thyroid levels have been unseated from where they stayed for three years, and I have an upcoming appointment where options will be discussed.  I think my current medication, NP Thyroid, causes the hives due to it being derived from desiccated thyroid.  I'm considering asking for a complete switch in medication, which will completely screw my body up for 2 to 2 1/2 months.

I explained in an old post what happens when thyroid medication is either increased or when a patient switches brands.

I am four days in and feel better than I did on Monday; however, I can tell that how I feel has just started to deteriorate.  I always feel better for most of the first week, then the drop begins.  I can feel the very beginning of the drop coming on.

This happens because the hypothalamus detects the sudden increase in thyroid hormone in the body due to the medication increase.  The hypothalamus then secretes a hormone that tells the pituitary gland to shut down the thyroid, which then makes the patient feel sick for two to five weeks or possibly even longer.  The lengthy adjustment period is caused by the long half-life of T4.  It takes weeks for the hormone to stabilize, which is why many thyroid patients feel bad for a lengthy period of time after any medication change.

I have until December 5 to decide for sure, but I will likely request a change, thus beginning the horrible adjustment process.  This is why I have put up with the itching, which has not been bad for much of the time.  It's just that the itching is now so out of control that I'm about to lose my mind.  I'll take the deep fatigue and muscle aches instead, please.

I'm open about sharing this information because my experiences are not the ones that are prevalent in online groups.  Everyone online believes that desiccated thyroid is the only good thyroid medication and that nothing else works.  It appears to have given me hives off and on for years.  Not everyone gets on desiccated thyroid and has a perfect life.

My stores will be shut down very soon.  I previously stated that I would be shutting my stores down around the end of the year.  I will definitely do so by the middle of December at the latest.  I may shut down during Thanksgiving break.

I almost pulled everything down last week.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and disgusted with everything (totally related to my immune system fluctuations).  I considered shutting everything down that night, then I promised myself that I would keep the stores open until Thanksgiving break.  I knew that selling wasn't my problem.  The issue is all the difficult stuff going on at school and the nonstop itching.  I can sell for at least the next couple weeks; I can do it.

I may shut down my stores near the end of Thanksgiving break.  If I decide that I don't mind selling a little longer, then I might stay open until December 11 or 12.  The closure will last for at least four to six weeks.

As my Etsy listings expire, I won't be renewing them, so my Etsy inventory will gradually dwindle.  I must pay $0.20 to renew each listing, so it's illogical to renew and then shut down.

It would be nice to clear out some more of the books before I shut down.  I have put my listings on sale in both stores.  The sale ends the day after Black Friday, assuming that I keep everything open until then.

On Etsy, some categories are 15% off while the rest of the books are 10% off.

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

I was going to do varied discounts on eBay as well, but eBay was too annoying.  I have no patience mentally right now.  I went with 10% off for the entire store.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

Hopefully, I fixed all the typos before posting.  If I missed some of them, then it's because of the low T4 in my brain.