Tuesday, November 22, 2022

eBay and Etsy Sales Reactivated

I reinstated my sales on both eBay and Etsy.  

My Etsy listings are 10% off.  

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

My listings have dwindled greatly because many of the books were listed in July and just expired.  I won't be reactivating those listings until sometime in January or February since I have to pay to reactivate each listing.

The items still active on Etsy are items that were just listed in October.

My eBay listings are 12% off.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

I am hoping to get at least a few more books sold before I close down both stores.  I still don't know when I will close, but it will be by around December 12 at the latest.  It could be as soon as next week.

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