Saturday, November 12, 2022

eBay/Etsy Store Sale and Upcoming Hiatus

Skip to the end of the post for sale information.  I post about health situations so that people who search online for those topics could run across my posts and glean some useful information.

My immune system has gone bonkers since I got the bivalent Moderna booster on September 23.  I have heard of people having strong vaccine reactions after having had Covid, and unfortunately, I seem to have joined the crowd.  I had Covid in July, and I believe my immune system has gone into overdrive in an attempt to destroy the vaccine.  The upside is that I should now have very strong protection from getting Covid.  

I've been dealing with hives and the most intense itching ever.  I have memory problems and a poor mental attitude, the likes of which I typically see in a strong autoimmune flare.  The problem is that I'm not exactly flaring, at least not in a normal fashion.  I feel certain that this is from the vaccine.

My thyroid levels have been unseated from where they stayed for three years, and I have an upcoming appointment where options will be discussed.  I think my current medication, NP Thyroid, causes the hives due to it being derived from desiccated thyroid.  I'm considering asking for a complete switch in medication, which will completely screw my body up for 2 to 2 1/2 months.

I explained in an old post what happens when thyroid medication is either increased or when a patient switches brands.

I am four days in and feel better than I did on Monday; however, I can tell that how I feel has just started to deteriorate.  I always feel better for most of the first week, then the drop begins.  I can feel the very beginning of the drop coming on.

This happens because the hypothalamus detects the sudden increase in thyroid hormone in the body due to the medication increase.  The hypothalamus then secretes a hormone that tells the pituitary gland to shut down the thyroid, which then makes the patient feel sick for two to five weeks or possibly even longer.  The lengthy adjustment period is caused by the long half-life of T4.  It takes weeks for the hormone to stabilize, which is why many thyroid patients feel bad for a lengthy period of time after any medication change.

I have until December 5 to decide for sure, but I will likely request a change, thus beginning the horrible adjustment process.  This is why I have put up with the itching, which has not been bad for much of the time.  It's just that the itching is now so out of control that I'm about to lose my mind.  I'll take the deep fatigue and muscle aches instead, please.

I'm open about sharing this information because my experiences are not the ones that are prevalent in online groups.  Everyone online believes that desiccated thyroid is the only good thyroid medication and that nothing else works.  It appears to have given me hives off and on for years.  Not everyone gets on desiccated thyroid and has a perfect life.

My stores will be shut down very soon.  I previously stated that I would be shutting my stores down around the end of the year.  I will definitely do so by the middle of December at the latest.  I may shut down during Thanksgiving break.

I almost pulled everything down last week.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and disgusted with everything (totally related to my immune system fluctuations).  I considered shutting everything down that night, then I promised myself that I would keep the stores open until Thanksgiving break.  I knew that selling wasn't my problem.  The issue is all the difficult stuff going on at school and the nonstop itching.  I can sell for at least the next couple weeks; I can do it.

I may shut down my stores near the end of Thanksgiving break.  If I decide that I don't mind selling a little longer, then I might stay open until December 11 or 12.  The closure will last for at least four to six weeks.

As my Etsy listings expire, I won't be renewing them, so my Etsy inventory will gradually dwindle.  I must pay $0.20 to renew each listing, so it's illogical to renew and then shut down.

It would be nice to clear out some more of the books before I shut down.  I have put my listings on sale in both stores.  The sale ends the day after Black Friday, assuming that I keep everything open until then.

On Etsy, some categories are 15% off while the rest of the books are 10% off.

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

I was going to do varied discounts on eBay as well, but eBay was too annoying.  I have no patience mentally right now.  I went with 10% off for the entire store.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

Hopefully, I fixed all the typos before posting.  If I missed some of them, then it's because of the low T4 in my brain.

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