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This page contains links to informational pages about collecting Nancy Drew books.  

You can often tell how old a Nancy Drew book just by looking at the outside of the book.  The image at the right (click on it to see it in better quality) shows 10 different formats of Nancy Drew books.  The first six books can be seen both with and without dust jacket.  

Pay attention to the thickness of the books, the ink color (or lack of) on the top edges, and other details.  Use my Nancy Drew Formats page  for more specific information.

The year of printing for each of the actual pictured books is as follows:

#5 Shadow Ranch - 1931
#6 Red Gate Farm - 1939
#20 Jewel Box - 1943
#22 Crumbling Wall - 1945
#7 Diary - 1948
#23 Tolling Bell - 1959
#26 Leaning Chimney - 1963
#48 Crooked Banister - 1978
#20 Jewel Box - circa 1982-1987
#46 Invisible Intruder - 2004

Nancy Drew - This is the main page to my Nancy Drew section.  It contains links to my various Nancy Drew information pages.

Nancy Drew Formats - This page shows you what all Nancy Drew books published by Grosset and Dunlap look like from 1930 to the present.  You can take any Nancy Drew book and quickly glance down through the page to get a good idea of how old the book is.  You can identify nearly all Nancy Drew books to within just a few years of the exact age by using this method, even when the dust jacket is not present.

Nancy Drew Original and Revised Text Books - This page explains how you can often quickly determine whether a Nancy Drew book contains the original or revised text from just the outside appearance of the book.  

Nancy Drew Values and Collecting Tips - This page gives information on how to determine the value of your Nancy Drew books.  It also has some good information for collectors who are just getting started.

Nancy Drew Collecting Tips - This is an old eBay guide that I wrote many years ago.  It gives useful information on figuring out the age of Nancy Drew books.

Nancy Drew Picture Cover Editions - This page shows each picture cover art and whether it contains the original text or the revised text.  By knowing which ones contain which version, you can quickly scroll online listings and know the text contained within each book without having to click on the listing or ask the seller a question.

A sample of my Buyer Confusion blog posts:

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Buyer Confusion on Nancy Drew #24 (finding original text tweed books)
Buyer Confusion on Nancy Drew #25 (finding Applewood editions)
Buyer Confusion on Nancy Drew #30 (determining how old a dust jacket is)
Buyer Confusion on Nancy Drew #31 (finding original text books)

Collecting the Entire Nancy Drew Series

Value of Nancy Drew Bare Thick Blue and Tweed Books

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