Saturday, January 18, 2020

Today's Book Find + 10% Off on eBay and Etsy

These books were purchased locally today.

The Hardy Boys picture cover books have the original text and list to Desert Giant on the back cover.  The Nancy Drew matte picture cover books have the original text and were printed during the early 1960s.

The Nancy Drew flashlight edition is one of the textured flashlight variants.  This format is explained in my post, "Hidden Clues #6 The Textured Nancy Drew Flashlight Editions."  By the way, this reminds me that I dropped the ball on my Hidden Clues string of posts.  I will have to get back to them. 

The softcover Nancy Drew books are in pretty nice shape overall.

I actually wanted to do two Facebook posts tonight, one on the book find and one about my eBay and Etsy listings.  However, Facebook does not allow normal visibility to more than one post per day on my Jennifer's Series Books Facebook page.  Whenever I publish two posts in the same day on my page, the second one is mostly invisible.  Even when the second post is the more interesting of the two posts, which should result in more views for that post, it instead ends up with far fewer views. 

This has happened too many times for it just to be a random occurrence.  Websites do throttle traffic for various reasons.  In my case, I'm sure Facebook is trying to get me to pay for advertising.  I would pay for Amazon Prime long before I would ever pay for any Facebook advertising.  And I continue to refuse to get a Prime account.  So there you go.

Besides, I do not believe that paying for Facebook advertising will actually help gain me more traffic.  I have read accounts of people paying advertising only to find that traffic decreases in the long run.  These people claim that Facebook allegedly throttles the traffic even more in order to force the user to continue to pay for visibility.  I'm not going to play that game.

My solution was this blog post with the book finds mentioned first, followed by what I wanted to mention about my eBay and Etsy listings.

I was fortunate to receive eBay promotions for each of the last three months in 2019.  This resulted in me being able to list over 300 listings each month without having to pay an overage.  The promotions were granted undoubtedly because of the holiday season.  Now it's January, and I have not received a promotion.  I have an overage looming.

In an attempt to avoid the overage, I have placed all of my eBay listings at 10% off for the next week until the end of the day Saturday, January 25. 

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

I have also reduced the prices of my Chalet School books yet again.  They are now at fire sale prices.

I recently listed quite a few Sweet Dreams books on eBay.

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

I also placed my Etsy listings on sale until the end of the day Saturday, January 25.

If you see this post after the close of the sales, the discount will no longer be active and will not be honored.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Sweet Dreams #13 The Summer Jenny Fell in Love and #14 Dance of Love

Sweet Dreams #13 The Summer Jenny Fell in Love, Barbara Conklin, 1982

Jenny's summer gets off to a bad start when her mother decides to take in boarders... and seventeen-year-old Cliff and his mother move in.

Suddenly the house just isn't big enough.  Wherever Jenny turns, Cliff seems to be in the way.  And even though they are both trying hard, they just can't get along.

Then Cliff starts interfering with Jenny's love life, trying to protect her from the one boy she's always dreamed of dating.  At first Jenny is furious, but then she realizes Cliff is jealous.  And Jenny is touched.

Will Jenny's summer turn into something wonderful—and totally unexpected?

At first, I really enjoyed the book.  By halfway through the story, I became intensely annoyed that Jenny and Cliff keep yelling at each other.  Cliff overreacts over tiny things, and Jenny ends up screaming at him.  Both of them come across as mentally unstable.

I quit reading the book halfway through.  I couldn't take it anymore.

Sweet Dreams #14 Dance of Love, Jocelyn Saal, 1982

If Polly follows her heart, will she lose her best friend and her most cherished dream...

Ever since third grade, Polly and Jennifer have shared everything from ballet lessons to boy talk.  They both dream of becoming famous dancers... and falling in love.  Then Polly meets Cott Townsend, and her plans get turned upside down.  Can Polly win Cott's love, keep Jennifer's friendship, and still be true to herself?

This book bored me, and I could not read it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Sweet Dreams #11 The Problem with Love and #12 Night of the Prom

Sweet Dreams #11 The Problem with Love, Rosemary Vernon, 1982

Cathy's the partying type, who loves having fun.  John's the serious type, who hardly ever cracks a smile.  They seem like the boy and girl least likely to fall in love.

But then Cathy's report card brings them together.  Her math grades are so terrible her parents hire John as her tutor!

At first, she can't resist making John nervous, teasing him and acting like a flirt.  But the more she tries to get his attention, the less he seems to care.  And suddenly she's the one who's getting nervous, because for once the funny girl is in love.

Cathy teases and flirts in the most obnoxious fashion.  As John tries to help her with math, she keeps teasing and flirting.  What an airhead.

The book is good overall, but I found it annoying.

Sweet Dreams #12 Night of the Prom, Debra Spector, 1982

Will Barbara's prom report have a happy ending...

Barbara's the best editor the school paper has ever had—serious and hard working.  But Kris, Barbara's best friend, thinks she's missing out on all the fun—like the prom.  And deep inside Barbara wonders if Kris is right.

Then Michael dares her to trade her typewriter for a prom gown, and Barbara finally gets the inside scoop on romance.

The summary puzzles me.  I don't think Michael ever dares Barbara to do anything, unless I skimmed over something.

This book is very good to excellent.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Signed Memorabilia from Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase 2019

In early December, I acquired three autographed items associated with the 2019 movie, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, starring Sophia Lillis.

This cap was signed by Sophia Lillis (Nancy Drew), Sam Trammell (Carson Drew), Jesse C. Boyd (Wharton), and Laura Wiggins (Helen).

This copy of Nancy Drew #2, The Hidden Staircase, was signed by Sophia Lillis (Nancy Drew), Laura Wiggins (Helen), Sam Trammell (Carson Drew), and Jesse C. Boyd (Wharton).

Finally, I acquired this prop signed by Sophia Lillis (Nancy Drew), Laura Wiggins (Helen), Zoƫ Renee (George), and Mackenzie Graham (Bess).

The sign measures 13 inches by 19 inches and is printed on Epson photo paper.  The below screen capture from the movie shows the placement of the sign in one of the shop windows.

I like having my very own "River Heights Slice of the Heights Festival" sign.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Sweet Dreams #9 Cover Girl and #10 Love Match

Sweet Dreams #9 Cover Girl, Yvonne Greene, 1982

How can Renee tell Greg about her secret life...

Renee's living a life that most girls only dream of.  Overnight she's become a glamorous high-fashion model in New York City.

But behind her cover-girl smile is a girl with a broken heart.  She's hiding her new life from her boyfriend Greg—who hates everything phony and loves Renee for what she used to be.  Once he finds out the truth, will her ever trust her again?

I really like books that have a conflict that involves a secret.  This book is very good.

Sweet Dreams #10 Love Match, Janet Quin-Harkin, 1982

If Joanna plays to win, will she lose Rick forever...

Joanna's a 15-year old super-jock who's not quite ready to trade in her sneakers and sweatshirts for three-inch heels and designer jeans.

Then she joins the boys' tennis team... meets Rick... and decides she enjoys being a girl!

But Rick's the #1 player on the team... or at least he was until Joanna came along.  Can they both play to win... without losing each other?

On page 77, Joanna states, "My father is a college football coach, and you know they don't get paid that kind of money."  Joanna means that her father does not make enough for her to have had professional training in tennis.  This passage doesn't quite ring true for me.  College football coaches did not make much prior to the 1970s.  By the late 1970s and into the 1980s, the compensation increased substantially.  This book was published in 1982, and by that time, salaries were not low.

This book is interesting from the very start.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Sweet Dreams #7 Green Eyes and #8 The Thoroughbred

Sweet Dreams #7 Green Eyes, Suzanne Rand, 1981

Julie has had a crush on Dan ever since sophomore year.  Now that Pam, Dan's old girlfriend, has moved away, Julie finally has him all to herself.  And he is worth the wait.  Dan is one of the most popular boys in school and he really cares for Julie.

But something is wrong.  Every time she sees Dan so much as talk to another girl, Julie becomes hopelessly jealous.  And even when Dan reassures her, it doesn't help.

Then Pam returns and Julie is convinced Dan is seeing her again.  Will Julie let her jealousy ruin the best relationship she's ever had?

Julie is so horribly jealous that I cannot stand her.  She is a bit mentally unstable.  I found the story uninteresting and could not read this book.

Sweet Dreams #8 The Thoroughbred, Joanna Campbell, 1981

Things have always come easy for Maura—good looks, good grades, and a real talent for horseback riding.  So when she and her friend Jill start their summer at a horse farm, Maura decides she's going to win first prize in the annual horse show.

Then Maura meets Kevin, a dark, handsome boy who rides as if he was born on a horse.  Riding with Kevin is like dancing with a wonderfully graceful partner, and for the first time Maura falls in love.  But Kevin wants too much from her too soon and she's scared.  She needs a little breathing space.

Feeling rejected, Kevin decides to show Maura up by winning the prize that she has been working towards all summer.  But Maura is determined to win, even if it means losing the first boy she's ever really loved.

First, I don't like horse books.  Second, I don't like Kevin.  The book did not interest me.  I gave it 40 pages, and then I gave up.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Sweet Dreams #5 Little Sister and #6 California Girl

Sweet Dreams #5 Little Sister, Yvonne Green, 1981

Cindy feels she's going to be second-rate all her life.  Her older sister Christine has the pretty face, the good body, and gets all the cute boys.  Cindy just can't win.

Then in study hall Cindy meets Ron, an ex-basketball star who's the best actor in high school.  He's just been chosen to play Romeo in the big production of Romeo and Juliet.  Cindy can't believe that Ron's really interested in her, Christine's little sister.  But this time it seems she's Number One.

Suddenly, Cindy's hopes for romance and happiness are crushed when Christine is chosen to play the role of Juliet.  It seems that Cindy will lose again... unless she can prove to Ron that she's not second best after all.

This is a very good book.

Sweet Dreams #6 California Girl, Janet Quin-Harkin, 1981

In California, swimming was important and Jennie was determined to be an Olympic competitor.  But at her family's new home in Texas, football is all anyone cares about.  Jennie is alone, an outsider, "that weird California girl."

Then she meets Mark.  He was a football star until a serious injury left him on crutches.  Nobody pays much attention to Mark since his accident—except Jennie.  She's seen his beautiful drawings and is falling in love with his artistic soul.

Secretly, Jennie enters Mark's drawings in a contest, and overnight Mark has his star status back.  But he may be leaving Jennie behind.  Jennie is so hurt and confused that she isn't concentrating on her swimming.

Did Mark ever really care for her?  Is Jennie losing her love and a chance at her Olympic dream?

This book is overall good.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Sweet Dreams #3 Laurie's Song and #4 Princess Amy

Sweet Dreams #3 Laurie's Song, Suzanne Rand, 1981

Laurie Adams isn't sure who she is anymore—a good student who writes beautiful poetry or a star-struck groupie for the local rock band.  She's being pulled apart by two very different boys who are fighting for her affection.

Skip is a budding rock star and the most handsome boy in school.  He wants Laurie to write lyrics for his songs and take the leap to fame and fortune.  Then there's Jeff—a hard-worker determined to do more with his life than just get by on good looks—like Skip.  Jeff wants Laurie to discover life and love on her own terms... and his.

Which boy should Laurie choose... which one will make her happy?

It's not hard to figure out which boy would be better for Laurie.

I definitely read this book when I was young, and I believe it was one of the only two Sweet Dreams books that I read.

This is a very good book.

Sweet Dreams #4 Princess Amy, Melinda Pollowitz, 1981

Spending a month at an isolated summer retreat with her rich relatives didn't sound like much fun to Amy.  But she hadn't counted on being swept off her feet by a boy as handsome and wild as Guy.  His smile and the way he calls her "Princess" make her feel weak all over.  Is Guy serious, or is he just a spoiled rich kid playing with Amy's emotions?

Then there's Peter, so down-to-earth.  His big hand on Amy's shoulder gives her a feeling of security and warmth she's never felt before.  But Peter just works on the island.  He's not one of the fast crowd.

Two incredible boys from two very different worlds... and Amy must choose.

In this book, it's also not hard to figure out which boy would be better.

On page 54, Amy gets a shower, and the water sprays "from each of the eight corners of the hexagonal, glass-walled shower stall."  A hexagon has six sides, not eight, so it would have formed six corners.

This is a very good book.