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Nancy Drew Notebooks Series Checklist of Titles

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The Nancy Drew Notebooks series was published in paperback from 1994 through 2005.  The series consists of 69 volumes, and the final volume was published in December 2005.  The series was originally published under the Minstrel imprint and later changed to the Aladdin imprint.  The higher-numbered volumes are harder to find since they went through fewer printings. 

This series is a modern spin-off of the original Nancy Drew series.  It features Nancy Drew and her friends, Bess Marvin and George Fayne, at the age of 8.  This series is written for children from the ages of 5 to 8.

List of titles:

  1. The Slumber Party Secret, 1994
  2. The Lost Locket, 1994
  3. The Secret Santa, 1994
  4. Bad Day for Ballet, 1995
  5. The Soccer Shoe Clue, 1995
  6. The Ice Cream Scoop, 1995
  7. Trouble at Camp Treehouse, 1995
  8. The Best Detective, 1995
  9. The Thanksgiving Surprise, 1995
10. Not Nice on Ice, 1996
11. The Pen Pal Puzzle, 1996
12. The Puppy Problem, 1996
13. The Wedding Gift Goof, 1996
14. The Funny Face Fight, 1996
15. The Crazy Key Clue, 1996
16. The Ski Slope Mystery, 1997
17. Whose Pet is Best?, 1997
18. The Stolen Unicorn, 1997
19. The Lemonade Raid, 1997
20. Hannah's Secret, 1997
21. Princess on Parade, 1997
22. The Clue in the Glue, 1998
23. Alien in the Classroom, 1998
24. The Hidden Treasures, 1998
25. Dare at the Fair, 1998
26. The Lucky Horseshoes, 1998
27. Trouble Takes the Cake, 1998
28. Thrill on the Hill, 1999
29. Lights! Camera! Clues!, 1999
30. It's No Joke!, 1999
31. Fine Feathered Mystery, 1999
32. Black Velvet Mystery, 1999
33. The Gumdrop Ghost, 1999
34. Trash or Treasure?, 2000
35. Third Grade Reporter, 2000
36. Make Believe Mystery, 2000
37. Dude Ranch Detective, 2000
38. Candy is Dandy, 2000
39. Chinese New Year Mystery, 2000
40. Dinosaur Alert!, 2001
41. Flower Power, 2001
42. Circus Act, 2001
43. The Walkie-Talkie Mystery, 2001
44. The Purple Fingerprint, 2001
45. The Dashing Dog Mystery, 2001
46. The Snow Queen's Surprise, 2002
47. The Crook Who Took the Book, 2002
48. The Crazy Carnival Case, 2002
49. The Sand Castle Mystery, 2002
50. The Scarytales Sleepover, 2002
51. The Old-Fashioned Mystery, 2002
52. Big Worry in Wonderland, 2003
53. Recipe for Trouble, 2003
54. The Stinky Cheese Surprise, 2003
55. The Day Camp Disaster, 2003
56. Turkey Trouble, 2003
57. The Carousel Mystery, 2003
58. The Dollhouse Mystery, 2004
59. The Bike Race Mystery, 2004
60. The Lighthouse Mystery, 2004
61. Space Case, 2004
62. The Secret in the Spooky Woods, 2004
63. The Snowman Surprise, 2004
64. The Bunny-Hop Hoax, 2005
65. Strike-Out Scare, 2005
66. Zoo Clue, 2005
67. The Singing Suspects, 2005
68. The Apple Bandit, 2005
69. The Kitten Caper, 2005 

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The Blythe Girls Series 1925-1932 by Laura Lee Hope

This is the text of an eBay guide that I created in 2006.  The guides are now orphaned pages that can only be found through an Internet search.  eBay plans to delete the guides in April 2018.

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The Blythe Girls series was published by Grosset and Dunlap from 1925 through 1932.  Elizabeth M. Duffield Ward wrote the series under the pseudonym of Laura Lee Hope.  Ward also wrote volumes 7 through 23 of the Outdoor Girls series.


This series is much darker than most vintage series books.  The Blythe Girls are three sisters who live alone in New York City.  Money is a primary concern, and the Blythe sisters struggle for quite some time before Margy and Rose obtain jobs and before Helen gains nominal success with her art.  The reader comes to expect trouble, strife, and disaster to confront the Blythe girls at every turn.  Shortly after the beginning of each book, something terrible happens to either one or more of the sisters or to one of their close acquaintances.  Rose faces the loss of her job several times.  Helen loses her paintings by destruction or theft more than once.  On one especially disastrous day, a plane crashes into the Blythes' apartment, destroying most of their furniture and forcing them to temporarily live elsewhere.

The series also has a recurring villain, Rex Pepper.  Rex is the spoiled nephew of Margy's employer, the eccentric Miss Dorcas Pepper.  At first, Rex's main vices appear to be his selfishness and arrogance, but in time, it becomes apparent that Rex is a criminal with no compunction.  Rex tries repeatedly to steal Miss Pepper's fortune, at one point even trying to have Miss Pepper committed to an insane asylum.  Rex often shows up in the most unexpected places and is always involved in an underhanded scheme.

List of Titles

   1. Helen, Margy, and Rose, 1925
   2. Margy's Queer Inheritance, 1925
   3. Rose's Great Problem, 1925
   4. Helen's Strange Boarder, 1925
   5. Three on a Vacation, 1925
   6. Margy's Secret Mission, 1926
   7. Rose's Odd Discovery, 1927
   8. The Disappearance of Helen, 1928
   9. Snowbound in Camp, 1929
 10. Margy's Mysterious Visitor, 1930
 11. Rose's Hidden Talent, 1931
 12. Helen's Wonderful Mistake, 1932


Most of the books in this series are of nominal value provided that the book is missing its dust jacket.  The books are worth significantly more with nice, intact dust jackets.  The books that have intact dust jackets are generally worth $25 to $50, but keep in mind that the values are always changing based on supply and demand.  Sometimes a nice example with a dust jacket will sell for a very low price due to lack of interest.  The first four books in the series were reprinted by Whitman, and the Whitman reprints have nominal value either with or without the dust jacket.

As with other out of print series books, the last titles in this series are much more scarce and consistently sell for higher prices.  However, this series breaks one of the rules for pricing which is usually true for series books.  In most series, the final volume is worth the most because it went through the least number of printings.  Volume 12 in the Blythe Girls series is easier to find than volumes 10 and 11.  It is my belief that volumes 10 through 12 each went through only one printing, but the print run for each of volumes 10 and 11 was much smaller than the print run for volume 12.  Volumes 10 and 11 rarely come up for sale while volume 12 usually comes up for sale several times per year.  Volumes 10 and 11 are scarce for examples lacking a dust jacket and are extremely rare for examples with a dust jacket.  Volumes 10 and 11 are easily worth $200 and up with nice, intact dust jackets.  Volumes 10 and 11 are worth around $15 to $25 without dust jackets.

First Printings

The copyright page is the last place to look when trying to determine whether a Blythe Girls book is the first printing.  The copyright pages were never updated by Grosset and Dunlap, so all of the copyright pages have a list of titles that makes it appear that the book is a first printing.

If the book does not have a dust jacket, look in the back of the book after the end of the story to see if there is a list of Blythe Girls titles.  If the book has a dust jacket, look on the front flap and/or back panel for a list of Blythe Girls titles.  The last title listed determines the year of printing.  For instance, if the dust jacket's front flap lists to Margy's Secret Mission, then the book was printed in 1926, which is the year of publication for Margy's Secret Mission.  Or, if the dust jacket's front flap lists to Helen's Wonderful Mistake, then the book was printed in 1932, which is the year of publication for Helen's Wonderful Mistake.

For more information about this series, please visit my eBay series book website.

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Kay Tracey #6 The Green Cameo Mystery

In Kay Tracey #6, The Green Cameo Mystery, Kay takes her laundry to Joe Wong's laundry.  When Kay walks in, she hears Mr. Wong muttering about a Cameo Curse.  Kay learns that Wong's daughter, Lotus, is missing, and he is paying Cara Noma, a medium, a lot of money to break the curse.  Kay becomes interested in helping Joe Wong.

This is a book that delivers on many levels.

On page 10, a bloody cross is drawn on Kay's forehead.  Later in the story, a plate glass window is broken, and the glass cuts Kay's forehead in the shape of a cross, right where the bloody cross was drawn.

Kay is drugged by incense and has a crazy dream.

Ethel is really out to get Kay in this book.  She places drugged chocolates in Kay's drink, but fortunately, Kay's drink spills.  Later in the story, Ethel and Pete saw through the back of a chair that is being used in the school's play.  Pete plans to hurl Kay into the chair so that Kay will be injured.

Kay playfully puts her money in a drawer of the mahogany desk at the auction, then she apparently leaves it accidentally.  This is very stupid.

On page 96, Kay hears Mrs. Wong speak in Chinese.  Kay does not understand Chinese, but she "grasped the phonetics very accurately.  These she stowed away in her memory, hoping that she might be able to learn later what they meant."  I have already noted that Kay is just as perfect as the revised text era Nancy Drew, who also has especially outstanding language skills.

On page 147, Kay sees money on Mr. Wong's rug.  She picks it up and puts it in her pocket, planning to give it to Mr. Wong later.  Kay had no business doing that.  How about just putting it on Wong's desk?  Of course, it turns out to be important that Kay keeps the money, but it is totally illogical.  I wouldn't pick up and keep money found inside someone else's house.

Kay is held captive on a boat that is one-half mile from shore.  Kay estimates that she can swim that distance in 25 minutes, so she jumps off the boat and swims to shore.  What an amazing young woman.

Kay is given the Green Cameo at the end of the story, and she keeps it.  Yes indeed, Kay keeps an object that is said to be cursed.  Yikes.  Perhaps we can blame Kay's troubles during the rest of the series on the Cameo Curse.

I did not read the revised text, but the revised text is a rewritten and condensed version of the story.

The book has a plot twist that makes it very good.  This is an excellent story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Girls Aviation Series Books - Titles and Authors

This is the text of an eBay guide that I created in 2006.  The guides are now orphaned pages that can only be found through an Internet search.  eBay plans to delete the guides in April 2018.

This eBay guide was viewed approximately 6,200 times.

The purpose of this guide is to list the many different vintage girls series books that feature aviation as the main theme of the story.  This guide lists complete series that revolve around flight as well as some individual titles that focus on aviation.  Two series that feature flight attendants as the main character are also listed here.

There are also many different boys series books that feature aviation, and at a later time these books may be listed in a separate guide.  I am quite certain that I do not have every single girls aviation series listed here at this time, and as I learn of additional series, I will add them to this list.

Airplane Girl by Harrison Bardwell

1. Roberta's Flying Courage, 1930
2. The Lurtiss Field Mystery, 1930
3. The Airplane Girl and the Mystery of Seal Island, 1930
4. The Airplane Girl and the Mystery Ship, 1930

Carol Rogers by Patricia O'Malley

1. Wings for Carol, 1941
2. Wider Wings, 1941
3. War Wings for Carol, 1943
4. Airline Girl, 1944
5. Winging Her Way, 1946

Courageous Wings (stand-alone volume), by Mildred A. Wirt, 1937

Dorothy Dixon by Dorothy Wayne

1. Dorothy Dixon Wins Her Wings, 1933
2. Dorothy Dixon and the Mystery Plane, 1933
3. Dorothy Dixon Solves the Conway Case, 1933
4. Dorothy Dixon and the Double Cousin, 1933

Girl Aviator by Margaret Burnham

1. The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship, 1911
2. The Girl Aviators on Golden Wings, 1911
3. The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise, 1911
4. The Girl Aviators' Motor Butterfly, 1912

Linda Carlton by Edith Lavell

1. Linda Carlton, Air Pilot, 1931
2. Linda Carlton's Ocean Flight, 1931
3. Linda Carlton's Island Adventure, 1931
4. Linda Carlton's Perilous Summer, 1932
5. Linda Carlton's Hollywood Flight, 1933

Nancy Naylor by Elizabeth Lansing

1. Nancy Naylor, Air Pilot, 1941
2. Nancy Naylor Flies South, 1943
3. Nancy Naylor Flight Nurse, 1944
4. Nancy Naylor, Captain of Flight Nurses, 1946
5. Nancy Naylor, Visiting Nurse, 1947

Outdoor Girls

22. The Outdoor Girls in the Air, 1932

Ruth Darrow Flying Stories by Mildred A. Wirt

1. Ruth Darrow in the Air Derby, 1930
2. Ruth Darrow in the Fire Patrol, 1930
3. Ruth Darrow in Yucatan, 1931
4. Ruth Darrow and the Coast Guard, 1931

Shirley Flight Series by Judith Dale and Trudi Arlen

  1. Air Hostess
  2. The Diamond Smugglers
  3. Desert Adventure
  4. In Hollywood
  5. The Flying Doctor
  6. The Great Bullion Mystery
  7. Congo Rescue
  8. The Rajah's Daughter
  9. Hawaiian Mystery, 1960
10. In Spain, 1960
11. Pacific Castaways, 1960
12. Fjord Adventure, 1960
13. Flying Jet, 1961
14. Storm Warning, 1961
15. Chinese Puzzle, 1961
16. Canadian Capers, 1961

Sky Racers (stand-alone volume) by Mildred A. Wirt, 1935

Vicki Barr Flight Stewardess by Helen Wells and Julie Tatham

  1. Silver Wings for Vicki, 1947
  2. Vicki Finds the Answer, 1947
  3. The Hidden Valley Mystery, 1948
  4. The Secret of Magnolia Manor, 1949
  5. The Clue of the Broken Blossom, 1950
  6. Behind the White Veil, 1951
  7. The Mystery at Hartwood House, 1952
  8. Peril Over the Airport, 1953
  9. The Mystery of the Vanishing Lady, 1954
10. The Search for the Missing Twin, 1954
11. The Ghost at the Waterfall, 1956
12. The Clue of the Gold Coin, 1958
13. The Silver Ring Mystery, 1960
14. The Clue of the Carved Ruby, 1961
15. The Mystery of Flight 908, 1962
16. The Brass Idol Mystery, 1964

For more information about the Vicki Barr Flight Stewardess and the Shirley Flight Air Hostess series, please visit my website.

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The Black Stallion Series by Walter Farley 1941 to 1989

This is the text of an eBay guide that I created in 2006.  The guides are now orphaned pages that can only be found through an Internet search.  eBay plans to delete the guides in April 2018.

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From 1941 through 1989, Walter Farley wrote a very successful series of books about the Black Stallion.  The books were originally released in hardcover with dust jacket and were later reprinted in both library bindings and in paperback.

Books by Walter Farley:

   The Black Stallion, 1941
   The Black Stallion Returns, 1945
   Son of the Black Stallion, 1947
   The Island Stallion, 1948
   The Black Stallion and Satan, 1949
   The Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt, 1951
   The Island Stallion's Fury, 1951
   The Black Stallion's Filly, 1952
   The Black Stallion Revolts, 1953
   The Black Stallion's Sulky Colt, 1954
   The Island Stallion Races, 1955
   The Black Stallion's Courage, 1956
   The Black Stallion Mystery, 1957
   The Horse-Tamer, 1958
   The Black Stallion and Flame, 1960
   Man O'War, 1962
   The Black Stallion Challenged!, 1964
   The Black Stallion's Ghost, 1969
   The Black Stallion and the Girl, 1971
   The Black Stallion Legend, 1983
   Young Black Stallion, 1989 (with Steven Farley) 

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The Happy Hollisters 1953 to 1970 by Jerry West

This is the text of an eBay guide that I created in 2006.  The guides are now orphaned pages that can only be found through an Internet search.  eBay plans to delete the guides in April 2018.

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The Happy Hollisters is a series of books that is aimed at younger children.  The series was published by Garden City and Doubleday from 1953 to 1970.  The series was written by Andrew E. Svenson under the pseudonym of Jerry West.

List of Titles:

  1. The Happy Hollisters
  2. The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip
  3. The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach
  4. The Happy Hollisters and the Indian Treasure
  5. The Happy Hollisters at Mystery Mountain
  6. The Happy Hollisters at Snowflake camp
  7. The Happy Hollisters and the Trading Post Mystery
  8. The Happy Hollisters at Circus Island
  9. The Happy Hollisters and the Secret Fort
10. The Happy Hollisters at Pony Hill Farm
11. The Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery
12. The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship
13. The Happy Hollisters at Lizard Cove
14. The Happy Hollisters and the Scarecrow Mystery
15. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Totem Faces
16. The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery
17. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery in Skyscraper City
18. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Little Mermaid
19. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery at Missile Town
20. The Happy Hollisters and the Cowboy Mystery
21. The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery
22. The Happy Hollisters and the Secret of the Lucky Coins
23. The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery
24. The Happy Hollisters and the Cuckoo Clock Mystery
25. The Happy Hollisters and the Swiss Echo Mystery
26. The Happy Hollisters and the Sea Turtle Mystery
27. The Happy Hollisters and the Punch and Judy Mystery
28. The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle Pig Mystery
29. The Happy Hollisters and the Ghost Horse Mystery
30. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Golden Witch
31. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Mexican Idol
32. The Happy Hollisters and the Monster Mystery
33. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Midnight Trolls


The books in this series are generally easy to find at a low cost.  The higher-numbered titles are somewhat more scarce.  The final volume, The Mystery of the Midnight Trolls, is much more scarce than the earlier titles. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Kay Tracey #5 The Six Fingered Glove Mystery

In Kay Tracey #5, The Six Fingered Glove Mystery, Betty Worth is hit by a car, and the only clue is a six-fingered glove left behind at the scene.  Later, Kay learns that an actress, Beatrice Ball, was a passenger in the car.  Miss Ball had been abducted by the driver of the vehicle, who is presumably the man with six fingers.

Kay and her friends plan to spend Thanksgiving in the country with Kay's Aunt Jane.  Kay invites Miss Ball and her fiance to join them.  While at Aunt Jane's Kay learns that the owner of the six-fingered glove might be nearby.  Kay also stumbles upon railroad thieves and an abandoned movie set.

The story appears not to have been revised at all for the later Garden City and Books, Inc. editions.  Comparing both editions on various random pages shows the exact same text.

Kay's friends are quite upset by the six-fingered glove.  They look at it with horror and find it repulsive.  Those were certainly different times.  What's the big deal about someone having six fingers? 

Speaking of which, the title of this book bothers me so much.  I wish the title had been The Six-Fingered Glove Mystery, with a hyphen.  Argh!

This story is quite convoluted and strange.  One scene made me cringe.  The girls have just discovered that a ring belonging to the man with six fingers has disappeared.  Meanwhile, Clarence Minton is proposing marriage to Beatrice Ball in the living room.  Betty rushes in and cries out, "The ring has been stolen!"  Miss Ball misunderstands and faints, ruining the proposal of marriage.  Ugh.

Despite the bizarreness of the story, the book is good, and I enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Girls of Canby Hall Series by Emily Chase 1984 to 1989

This is the text of an eBay guide that I created in 2006.  The guides are now orphaned pages that can only be found through an Internet search.  eBay plans to delete the guides in April 2018.

This eBay guide was viewed approximately 7,300 times.

The Girls of Canby Hall series by Emily Chase was published by Scholastic from 1984 through 1989.  The series was a rival of the Sweet Valley High series, but did not have the staying power of the Sweet Valley High series.

The series features a group of roommates at Canby Hall and has the usual mixture of friendship problems and romance of the teenage fiction genre.

List of Titles:

  1. Roommates, 1984
  2. Our Roommate is Missing, 1984
  3. You're No Friend of Mine, 1984
  4. Keeping Secrets, 1984
  5. Summer Blues, 1984
  6. Best Friends Forever, 1984
  7. Four Is a Crowd, 1984
  8. The Big Crush, 1984
  9. Boy Trouble, 1984   
10. Make Me a Star, 1985
11. With Friends Like That, 1985  
12. Who's the New Girl?, 1985  
13. Here Come the Boys, 1985   
14. What's a Girl To Do?, 1985
15. To Tell the Truth, 1985
16. Three of a Kind, 1985   
17. Graduation Day, 1986  
18. Making Friends, 1986    
19. One Boy Too Many, 1986    
20. Friends Times Three, 1987
21. Party Time!, 1987   
22. Troublemaker, 1987  
23. But She's So Cute, 1987  
24. Princess Who?, 1987
25. The Ghost of Canby Hall, 1987
26. Help Wanted!, 1988
27. The Roommate and the Cowboy, 1988    
28. Happy Birthday, Jane, 1988   
29. A Roommate Returns, 1988  
30. Surprise!, 1988  
31. Here Comes the Bridesmaid, 1988   
32. Who's Got a Crush on Andy?, 1989
33. Six Roommates and a Baby, 1989

Canby Hall Super Editions:

Something Old, Something New, 1986
The Almost Summer Carnival, 1987