Monday, March 12, 2012

A Parody of Wacky Seller Photos

Recently, I showcased some wacky seller photos. I decided to try to imitate some of those great ideas. Before I commence sharing my photos, I thought I would give sellers some suggestions on how they, too, can impress their buyers with their photography skills.
  1. Never crop your photos. Buyers want to see your messes as well as get great decorating ideas.
  2. Always make sure you use good props. Trees, bushes, and random objects work quite well.
  3. Never show the spines of your books. Buyers don't want to know how well the books will look on the shelf.
  4. Photograph the books from far away. Buyers like to be surprised about the condition of the books.
  5. Never place the books in order. Buyers enjoy having to search through the photos to figure out what you have. Even better, don't include a list of the books in the listing. Buyers enjoy trying to read the titles in blurry photos.
Here are my photos. Feel free to use any of these ideas when you photograph your items.

The mailbox:

The pig statue:

Near a tree:

On a wagon wheel:

Under the arbor:

On some rocks:

On the car:

In a tree:

In the middle of some spring weeds:

On the fence:

In another tree:

On the compost pile:

By some bushes:

On some more rocks:

On the roof:

On the awning:

No books were harmed during the shooting of these photos. As a precaution, I did use books that are not in the best of shape.


LuAnn Sgrecci O'Connell said...

This is so funny, Jennifer! Are you going to do a second series inside the house? How about on the toilet, in dishwasher, etc!

Jennifer said...

I have thought about it! I also thought of a few more I could do outside that would be pushing it a bit further in towards the ridiculous. The possibilities are endless!

Morgan said...

Haha! I am a first time commenter. I love the pics! Too funny! I would love to see more. =)

Paula said...

So funny! I really really was laughing out loud! My favorite is the pig statue - it even sounds funny! :)