Saturday, May 25, 2019

Wildfire #26 Nancy and Nick and #27 Tori/The Best Summer

Wildfire #26 Nancy and Nick, Caroline B. Cooney, 1982
Whenever I see a good-looking boy, I am impressed first and embarrassed second.  I am never quite sure what embarrasses me, but I start blushing as if I had written about him in my diary and he had just read it...
Nancy has lots of dream dates—but no real ones.  She never knows what to say or how to act around boys.

But with Nick it's different.  The first time they meet, they laugh and talk and joke, but Nick thinks of her as just a friend—and Nancy begins to wonder if all her dates will be dream dates... If only they didn't live so far apart.  They never get to see each other.

Then Nancy invites Nick to the Final Fling at her school.  She's so excited!  The last thing she expects is a disaster...

I never felt anything about the relationship in this book.  It was mostly nothing to me.  The book is overall good but just marginally interesting.

Wildfire #27 Tori/The Best Summer, Diane McClure, 1982

TORI—Tori has a quick answer, a joke, or an insult, for everyone—except Dom, the one boy she really cares about.  She never knows what to say to him and feels so confused and uncomfortable.  Does he want her to change?  Be more "ladylike"?  Can she become someone else?  

THE BEST SUMMER—For Sandy, summer is rowing and swimming and picnics... and Greg.  This should be her best summer ever!  She and Greg have both entered the community boat race.  But suddenly the race doesn't matter to Greg anymore—and maybe Sandy doesn't either.  She feels so hurt.  What went wrong?  Why doesn't he care?

And why should I care?

Tori/The Best Summer contains two stories, and I found both of them to be uninteresting and boring.  I read a little of each, skimmed, and abandoned both of them.  I do not like this book.

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Tai said...

I just finished "Tori/The Best Summer." You were right - boring! "Tori" was slightly more interesting than "The Best Summer," but the main character was too unlikeable. She would be considered a bully or a mean girl now. I almost gave up on "The Best Summer" because of the tedious rowing descriptions, but the last couple of chapters were okay. I haven't read the entire Wildfire series, but this is my least favorite novel of the ones I've read.