Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wildfire #20 A Kiss for Tomorrow and #21 A Place for Me

Wildfire #20 A Kiss for Tomorrow, Maud Johnson, 1981

A lightning bug flew between Nick and me.  Both of us reached out for it, our palms cupped.  We missed the bug, but our fingers touched and somehow Nick was holding my two hands in his, and he didn't turn them loose.  

The summer Edie dreaded turns out to be magic!  When she leaves Chicago to visit her father in the little town he's moved to, she doesn’t expect to meet someone like Nick—serious, sensitive, and tender. 

But he's older, a college student, and already has a girlfriend.  Even so, Edie's never felt so attracted to a boy, and wonders if she's falling in love...

This story has as subplot in which Edie and Nick end up solving a mystery.  This is a very good book.

Wildfire #21 A Place for Me, Helen Cavanagh, 1981

Jonathan is Colleen Kelly's secret!  He's her first boyfriend—sensitive and serious, and he understands her need for privacy.  Colleen doesn't want to share Jonathan with anyone, especially her big, noisy family!  So they meet alone, taking long, quiet rides on their horses.

But Colleen can't keep her secret forever.  Soon the Kellys find out about Jonathan.  They meet him, make him part of the family—and Colleen is scared.  She doesn't want their special relationship to change.  Can she hold onto him?  Will they still have enough time for themselves?

This story is quite compelling.  This is a very good to excellent book.

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