Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Wildfire #14 Yours Truly, Love, Janie and #15 The Summer of the Sky-Blue Bikini

14. Yours Truly, Love, Janie, Ann Reit, 1981
GOOD LOOKING COWBOY, sensitive, intelligent, 21 years old wishes to correspond with equally understanding, sophisticated, city girl.
Janie Downs, unsophisticated, small town, sixteen-year-old, sees the magazine ad and knows it's the "something exciting" she's been waiting for!  She begins writing secretly to Duke McCoy and pretends she's all the things he wants—including older.

Peter, Janie's boyfriend—good-looking, smart, fun, and the star of the basketball team—adores Janie.  But when she loses herself in her dreams of Duke, Peter gets tired of being second best... and walks away. 

Then Duke writes that he's coming for a visit, and Janie panics!  What will Duke think when he meets the real Janie?  And has she lost Peter forever?

This book is hard to enjoy because Janie is a complete idiot.  When Jessica Wakefield pulls stunts like this, the reader is in for a lot of fun.  Janie... not so much.  I cringed my way through the entire book.  I only marginally enjoyed this story.

15. The Summer of the Sky-Blue Bikini, Jill Ross Klevin, 1978

"I guess what it comes down to is I'll have to choose. Guy—or Stacy and the other kids.  Them or Guy.  I can't have them both.”

Abby's summer on Castle Island is a lot of fun—at first.  She's popular with the kids.  They invite her to parties, and Abby is the center of attention! 

Then she meets Guy.  He's Abby's dream-boy, with blond hair and a terrific smile!  But the other kids don't like him.  He's an outsider to their in-group. 

Abby knows she must make a choice... and it won't be easy.

I could not read this book.  I found it uninteresting.


Tai said...

I'm on chapter 12 of "The Summer of the Sky-Blue Bikini" and nothing has happen so far. I like the main character, Abigail, but I kept wondering when something is going to happen.

Jennifer White said...

It sounds like I made the right decision in not reading it.