Sunday, May 5, 2019

Wildfire #12 Dance with Me and #13 One Day You'll Go

Wildfire #12 Dance With Me, Winifred Madison, 1981

"If there's anything in my life I regret, it's the day my mother invited you here," Margo spat at her cousin, Jennifer.  "You've snatched away the only person I ever cared about."

When Jennifer spends the summer with her sophisticated cousin, she leaves behind everything she loves—her family, life on the ranch, and Russ... Or does she love Russ?  She's not sure. 

She's even more confused when she finds herself drawn to Margo's boyfriend, Gary.  She's afraid of hurting Margo... and Russ.  Besides, Gary wants so much from her, and Jennifer doesn't know whether she's willing to change—for anybody.

The story starts out very slow with way too much excruciating detail about the ranch.  I was so bored.  Pretty much the first half of the book is full of filler.  The second half of the book is pretty good.  The last part is quite interesting.

13. One Day You'll Go, Sheila Schwartz, 1981

Kathy knew, with a certainty from deep within, that one day she would find Chris gone...

Chris just appears that summer, a dirty hitchhiker with no place to go, and Kathy’s family takes him in. 

During the golden days that follow, Kathy learns what love is.  She and Chris take long walks in the evenings, share secrets, and always know what the other is thinking. 

But Chris is a "drifter," and Kathy's afraid he'll leave as unexpectedly as he arrived. 

Then comes the disaster that changes Kathy and Chris forever...

This is an excellent book.

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