Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wildfire #30 Too Young to Know and #31 Saturday Night Date

30. Too Young to Know, Elizabeth Ogilvie, 1982

Riding through the early evening light, Mary Kate felt as if she were in a dream.  The first sight of Rob transfixed her in one spot.  He came to her and asked gently what the matter was.

"I have to go home!" she wailed.

He went perfectly white.  Then he put his arms around her.  "Mary, my heart.  Don't cry."  But there were tears in his own eyes.

Scotland isn't quite what Mary Kate expected when she first heard she'd be spending the summer there with her father.  Her new friends are so different—especially Robin.  Mary Kate doesn't know whether to feel bewildered by him or tender toward him.  

But slowly their love for each other grows—and by the time the summer is over all Mary Kate wants is to find a way to stay with Rob.  She knows her father will never allow it, though.  She knows he'll say Mary Kate is not old enough to make that decision, that she's too young to know...

I found the setting to be too depressing and unappealing.  In the early part of the book, rain pours down, and Mary Kate walks around in the mud.  Yuck.  I skimmed a bit to see if the book gets less depressing and more interesting.  It doesn't.  I could not read this book.

31. Saturday Night Date, Maud Johnson, 1982

"Wendy," Charlie stammered, "I really like you, but we ought to date other people.  I guess I'm saying I'm not in love with you anymore." 

Wendy knows she'll never forget the hurt of those words.  How could Charlie say them?  She and Charlie have been going steady for over two years—she'll always love him.  But now Charlie avoids her, never calls or speaks to her.  

Wendy finally starts dating again, but she compares every boy to Charlie, and not one measures up—until she meets Derek!  

But something is wrong.  Why won't Derek come to Wendy's house?  Or go to parties with her?  Wendy must decide whether she likes Derek—or just likes having a boyfriend.

This is a very good book.

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