Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sweet Valley High #26 Hostage!, #27 Lovestruck, and Spring Break

In Sweet Valley High #26, Hostage!, Elizabeth learns that Regina Morrow has returned home from Switzerland.  Liz goes over to visit Regina, but a strange woman who claims to be her aunt answers the door, telling Liz that no one can see Regina.  Liz contacts Nicholas, who informs Liz that he and Regina do not have an aunt.

Nicholas returns to Sweet Valley.  He, Bruce, Liz, and Jessica devise a method of getting a message to Regina, and the four friends learn that Regina is being held captive!  Mr. and Mrs. Morrow are being held in a separate location.  The friends must find a way to rescue the Morrows simultaneously so that none of them get hurt.

Nancy Drew is mentioned on pages 7 and 23.

I always loved this book, and I do still like it, just not as much.  That's been the case with many of these books.  They don't quite hold as much of an allure as they once did.

In Sweet Valley High #27, Lovestruck, Ken Matthews falls for sophisticated Suzanne Hanlon.  Suzanne wants to change Ken.  She gets him to watch foreign films, and she wants him to quit football.

Meanwhile, Ken is failing English, and Liz Wakefield is tutoring him.  Ken spends too much time with Suzanne, and he resorts to a desperate means of getting a passing grade on a short story.  By doing so, Ken betrays Liz's trust.  Can he save face and right his wrong?

I like this story.  What Ken does is truly awful, and that makes the story compelling.  This is a very good book.

In Sweet Valley High Super Edition, Spring Break, Liz and Jess travel to France for spring break.  They stay with the Glize family.  Mme. Glize is a wonderful host, but her son, René, takes an instant disliking to the twins, apparently because they are Americans.  Jessica spends most of her time with a boy, but Liz stays at home, where René treats her horribly.  Liz's vacation has turned into a miserable experience.

The cover art makes the girls look like they are on crack.

I did not like this book years ago, and I still do not like it.  It bores me.

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A said...

Hostage was one of my favorites when I was a kid too. Wonder how I'd feel about it today if your view of said book has changed as well.