Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sweet Valley High #13 Kidnapped!, #14 Deceptions, and #15 Promises

In Sweet Valley High #13, Kidnapped!, Jessica looks forward to Regina Morrow's big party.  The wealthy Morrow family has just moved to Sweet Valley, and Jessica hopes to make a good impression on Regina's brother, Nicholas. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has to finish her volunteer work at the hospital and then tutor Max Dellon before she can head to the party.

Jessica has a fantastic time at the party, and it is not until late in the evening that she finally realizes that Liz never arrived.  Liz vanished after leaving the hospital.  Fearing for Liz's life, the Wakefields and their friends frantically search for her.

I always loved this book.  For some reason, it didn't interest me that much this time.  It might be that I read it so many times years ago that I remembered the plot too vividly.

In Sweet Valley High #14, Deceptions, Jessica continues to chase after Nicholas Morrow. Unknown to her, Nicholas has decided that Liz is his perfect match, and he won't even let Liz's boyfriend, Todd, stand in his way.  Liz knows that she will never love Nicholas, but she feels compelled to go out on a date with him, just to give him the chance he wants.

Meanwhile, Jessica befriends computer whiz, Randy, in hopes that she can learn enough about computers to impress Nicholas.  Jessica's plan has unintended consequences, getting her in big trouble.

I didn't much care about Liz's dilemma with Nicholas.  It's just stupid for her to go out with him when she is 100% certain that she will stay with Todd.  She should have told Nicholas the truth, but of course if she had, then we would have had no story.

The Jessica subplot is the entertaining part of the book, and I greatly enjoyed it.

In Sweet Valley High #15, Promises, Steven's girlfriend, Tricia, dies of leukemia.  Steven promises Tricia that he will take care of her sister, Betsy.  Betsy stays with the Wakefields after the funeral, much to Jessica's horror.  Jessica is determined to find a way to get Betsy out of the Wakefield home and away from Steven.

Meanwhile, Roger Barrett's mother is seriously ill, and Bruce Patman's father pays for her medical care.  The students of Sweet Valley High wonder why Mr. Patman is being so generous.

I enjoyed the subplot with Roger Barrett more than I did the main plot.

This is a good book.

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Amanda said...

Kidnapped was always one of my favorites. The teens of SVH were pretty good if I remember correctly.