Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sweet Valley High #16 Rags to Riches, #17 Love Letters, and #18 Head Over Heels

In Sweet Valley High #16, Rags to Riches, Roger Barrett has learned that he is Bruce Patman's cousin.  Roger moves into the Patman mansion, where he struggles to fit in.  Jessica seizes another chance to have a Patman as a boyfriend, so she chases after Roger.  Jessica launches a plot to get Roger to decide that his girlfriend, Olivia, is jealous and unworthy of dating a Patman.

Meanwhile, Regina Morrow is seen with an older man at lunch, and rumors fly.  Liz and Todd worry about Regina and try to find out what is going on.

I enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #17, Love Letters, Caroline Pierce is lonely.  She has always used gossip to fit in with the other students.  She has never had a boyfriend, so she creates one.  "Adam" sends Caroline wonderful love letters, and Caroline reads them to all the girls at school.

Jessica and Lila become suspicious that Adam never visits, so they put pressure on Caroline in order to discover the truth.  Liz soon learns about Adam.  Can she help Caroline save face?

I enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #18, Head Over Heels, Bruce Patman has fallen in love with Regina Morrow.  For once, Bruce has quit acting selfish and arrogant.  He seems to be truly in love. Jessica doesn't think that the romance will last, so she and Lila make a bet.  Since Jessica can't afford to lose, she does everything she can to force Bruce and Regina apart.  Will Jessica succeed in ruining the relationship?

I feel like by around #15 that the series really hit its stride. The early titles were a bit hard to take.

This is another good book.

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