Thursday, January 30, 2020

Sweet Dreams #19 Love Song and #20 The Popularity Summer

Sweet Dreams #19, Love Song, Anne Park, 1982

When Dennis, a popular senior, asks Elizabeth for a date, she's so surprised and happy, she's practically floating on air.  She's never liked a boy as much as she likes Dennis.

But can their relationship ever work out?  Dennis comes from a wealthy family and Elizabeth's mother can barely make ends meet.  Worse, Dennis refuses to go steady.  He says he likes Elizabeth but he keeps going out with other girls.  Especially perfect Melissa who comes from the "right side of the tracks."

Elizabeth never knows where she stands.  How much does Melissa mean to Dennis and how much does Elizabeth mean to him?  Could Dennis really love a girl who came from the wrong part of town?

I like the first half of the story a lot.  I was a little bored during the second half and partly skimmed it.  Overall, this is a very good book

Sweet Dreams #20, The Popularity Summer, Rosemary Vernon, 1983

When Frannie's friends first told her about the Popularity Plan, she didn't believe them.  How could anything ever help her with her shyness or even get her a boyfriend?  But it worked!

Now, a year later, she's going steady with Ronnie, and even helping her shy cousin Joleen use the Popularity Plan herself.  But watching Joleen's first romance come true, Frannie begins to wonder about her own.  Does Ronnie still love her?  Does she still love him?  Whatever happened to the tingle she used to feel?

And if she does still love him, why is it so hard to say "no" to that handsome lifeguard who keeps asking her out?

I couldn't read the first book, Popularity Plan, so I didn't try to read this one.

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