Friday, January 10, 2020

Sweet Dreams #7 Green Eyes and #8 The Thoroughbred

Sweet Dreams #7 Green Eyes, Suzanne Rand, 1981

Julie has had a crush on Dan ever since sophomore year.  Now that Pam, Dan's old girlfriend, has moved away, Julie finally has him all to herself.  And he is worth the wait.  Dan is one of the most popular boys in school and he really cares for Julie.

But something is wrong.  Every time she sees Dan so much as talk to another girl, Julie becomes hopelessly jealous.  And even when Dan reassures her, it doesn't help.

Then Pam returns and Julie is convinced Dan is seeing her again.  Will Julie let her jealousy ruin the best relationship she's ever had?

Julie is so horribly jealous that I cannot stand her.  She is a bit mentally unstable.  I found the story uninteresting and could not read this book.

Sweet Dreams #8 The Thoroughbred, Joanna Campbell, 1981

Things have always come easy for Maura—good looks, good grades, and a real talent for horseback riding.  So when she and her friend Jill start their summer at a horse farm, Maura decides she's going to win first prize in the annual horse show.

Then Maura meets Kevin, a dark, handsome boy who rides as if he was born on a horse.  Riding with Kevin is like dancing with a wonderfully graceful partner, and for the first time Maura falls in love.  But Kevin wants too much from her too soon and she's scared.  She needs a little breathing space.

Feeling rejected, Kevin decides to show Maura up by winning the prize that she has been working towards all summer.  But Maura is determined to win, even if it means losing the first boy she's ever really loved.

First, I don't like horse books.  Second, I don't like Kevin.  The book did not interest me.  I gave it 40 pages, and then I gave up.

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