Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sweet Dreams #15 Thinking of You and #16 How Do You Say Goodbye

Sweet Dreams #15 Thinking of You, Jeanette Nobile, 1982

Is Fran too smart to fall in love...

Fran's tired of being called a "brain"... and missing all the fun!  She wants to be like everyone else for a change—to go to parties, have dates, and fall in love.

Can she get Paul to notice her... change her image just a little... and still be herself?

I liked this book at first, then I became annoyed.  Fran is way too insecure.  I skimmed most of the book and then read the ending.

Sweet Dreams #16 How Do You Say Goodbye, Margaret Burman, 1982

Lisa knows she should break up with Lawrence.  He's not right for her and she knows it.  But Lisa's got a big problem—she can't say no.  To anyone.  So when Lawrence asks her to go steady, she accepts (sort of) even though she's just met Alex.  He's the boy Lisa really likes and wants to see a lot more of.  Now she has two boyfriends but she's miserable.

Lisa wants to straighten things out, but she's afraid of hurting Lawrence.  So she lives a double life of lies and confusion, trying to keep Lawrence and Alex apart.  And it works—until the night when her lies go too far.

I was okay with the story at the beginning until it becomes clear that Lisa is a complete idiot.  She knows that she doesn't want to go steady with Lawrence, but she won't tell him that.  She says, "Probably—almost definitely—I'll wear your chain.  You hold onto it until then."  She next tells him, "I'm more that ninety-nine percent sure.  I can almost promise you for a fact that I will feel pleased and proud to go steady with you."

A bit later on page 86, Lisa tells Lawrence, "Um, I've almost made up my mind—I mean, I am ninety-nine and forty-four-one-hundredths-percent sure that we can really just go along almost as if I'd told you yes."  To his credit, Lawrence is getting annoyed.  I had completely lost patience with idiot Lisa and quit reading the book.  I wanted to slap her.

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