Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Difficulty of Finding a Good Book to Read

In my summary of my 2019 reading, I explained how I was less interested in reading than I was previously.  This trend has continued and is worsening.

I have actually read seven books so far this month, so I am still reading.  However, I'm not enjoying the books very much.  I broke away from the Sweet Dreams set again at the start of this month.  I tried reading a few vintage series books from the 1930s.  The series books of the 1930s have always been favorites.  Unfortunately, the books aren't doing much for me right now.

The latest Nancy Drew Diaries book, Hidden Pictures, arrived last Sunday.  I can't tell you how I excited I was!  I always enjoy the process of reading and reviewing the Diaries books, even when I don't like the book.  I knew I was in for a fun experience regardless, and I read that book quickly.

As I wrote in my review of Hidden Pictures, I felt a loss when I finished the book.  I want to read a pile of books that are exactly like it.  Where do I find them?  This is so distressing.

I then decided that a book by Mildred Wirt Benson ought to do it, so I read The Hollow Wall Mystery.  I enjoyed it, but honestly, not that much.  The book is good, but it's not what I want to be reading.

So, back to Sweet Dreams.  If I'm not even going to enjoy reading books that I ought to enjoy reading, then I might as well continue attacking my TBR pile.

This weekend I have read or attempted to read these six Sweet Dreams books.  That six books are involved should tell you that I didn't read most of them.

I quit Dial L for Love and Too Much to Lose early in each story.  I actually read Lights, Camera, Love.  It's a good book.  Magic Moments has a strong opening, but then I got bored and quit partway through the story.  Love Notes seems boring from the start, so I couldn't read it.  I tend not to read any of the books that feature girls who are strongly into learning dance or becoming a professional musician.  I am now reading Ghost of a Chance, and it's pretty good so far.

I definitely like the Wildfire Romance series better than Sweet Dreams.  This is still just based on a one-fifth of the Sweet Dreams series as compared to the entire Wildfire Romance set.  My opinion could change, but it's holding steady as I sample additional Sweet Dreams books.

The Wildfire Romance books feature slightly more of a type of book that strongly appeals to me.  I prefer the books where the girl has a more significant problem that must be solved, rather than a bunch of fluff.

I will continue with Sweet Dreams reviews.  Many of them will just consist of the publisher's summary followed by a short statement of whether I enjoyed the book.  Since I have been unable to read many of them, my statement will be short and to the point.

I am putting the Sweet Dreams books up for sale as I progress through the set. 

Sweet Dreams books on eBay

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