Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sweet Dreams #21 All's Fair in Love and #22 Secret Identity

Sweet Dreams #21, All's Fair in Love, Jeanne Andrews, 1982

When Anne moves to glamorous New York City, she meets Greg at an exclusive athletic club... and he's pretty special.  But Anne's afraid she won't be able to win Greg's heart.  After all, she's only a beginner and Greg likes winners—just like his sister Sarah, the club's champion gymnast.

Then Anne challenges Sarah for the championship.  She's determined to show Greg that she's a winner too.  But if she fails, will she lose everything—including Greg?

From page 55:
"You're entering a gymnastics competition to prove to Greg that you're better than his sister?  Isn't that just the slightest bit insane?"
That sums up the book.  Anne is an idiot, and I don't like her.  The story is okay, but Anne is too stupid for words.

Sweet Dreams #22, Secret Identity, Joanna Campbell, 1982

When Jena Maxwell meets Eric Bliss, she forgets her disappointment about not going to Europe for the summer, forgets everything that has been upsetting her.  Eric is gentle, handsome, and Jena's falling deeply in love.

But as their fabulous summer passes, Jena begins to wonder about Eric:  why is he so mysterious?  Where's his family, his friends?

Then Jena learns the truth about Eric, and her beautiful summer of happiness and love is shattered.

I like the setting and think that the story is probably good, but it didn't really grab me.  I decided not to read it.

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