Friday, February 14, 2020

Sweet Dreams #31 Too Close for Comfort and #32 Daydreamer

Sweet Dreams #31, Too Close for Comfort, Debra Spector, 1983

For years Drea and Derek have been best friends.  They've climbed trees together, played baseball together, and gotten in trouble together.  They've always loved each other, but when Derek asks Drea for a date, their feelings grow stronger, until finally they're in love.

Then things start going sour for Drea.  Is it because Derek's becoming so possessive?  Or because Sam Hennessey's getting interested in her?  Suddenly Drea's not quite sure she wants Derek as a boyfriend.  Should they break up?  And if they do, can they ever be friends again?

The summary reveals enough that I knew that the relationship would be doomed.  For that reason, I did not find the book to be that compelling.  I could tell that the relationship did not have the necessary ingredients for a lasting romantic relationship.  However, the book is interesting enough that I read it all the way through.

Sweet Dreams #32, Daydreamer, Janet Quin-Harkin, 1983

When Lisa's parents split up, she has to leave glamorous Hollywood, her father, and her movie-star mother—to live with a grandmother she hardly knows.  How can she ever be happy again?

All too often, Lisa finds herself escaping into daydreams—dreams of fame, friends, and boyfriends galore, Hollywood, her parents, and falling in love.  But when her fantasy bubble bursts, she has to open her eyes to the fact that, in real life, things don't always work out they way they do in dreams.

On page 53, Lisa has embellished the truth about her life in Hollywood.  When Lisa's friend tells her how much she wants to go to Hollywood, Lisa feels bad about the lie.  So often in these books, the girls feel no remorse about lying, which is wrong.  I tend not to like those books.  It is refreshing for a girl to realize that she shouldn't have lied.

I enjoyed this book.

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