Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sweet Dreams #25 Her Secret Self and #26 It Must Be Magic

Sweet Dreams #25 Her Secret Self, Rhondi Villot, 1982

Poor Joanne.  She's failing in school, her parents have grounded her and worst of all, Rob has just ditched her for another girl.

But Joanne's got a secret—she's a natural actress.  Who else but Brooke Shields could win Rob back?  And who but Barbara Walters could get an A in journalism class?  Joanne can play them both and lots of other stars as well.  And as long as she's acting, things go great.

Now Joanne thinks she's got her problems licked... all she has to do is play a part.  But then she meets Cliff and he wants to know the real Joanne.  But will she be able to drop her "act" and let Cliff see her secret self?

From page 161:
"I hate you, Joanne."

"Hate me if you have to," Joanne said tiredly.  "I'm sorry.  There are better things to do this spring than hate anybody."
This is a powerful moment, because the other girl is consumed by hatred.  Joanne has done nothing to her, and Joanne's response is perfect.

The first part of the book is overall good.  I never like the first part of many of these books due to the excessively stupid behavior of the girl.  The last half of the book is very good to excellent.

Sweet Dreams #26, It Must Be Magic, Marian Woodruff, 1982

When her high school holds its annual madcap Genie Week, Kerrie becomes the "master" of the boy of her dreams.  Mike Price makes her wishes his commands as shy, studious Kerrie suddenly finds herself one-half of Glenwood High's wildest couple.  But will Mike go back to doing gorgeous Marcy's bidding when Genie Week comes to an end?  Maybe if Kerrie wishes hard enough, Mike will still be hers when the week is over.

I don't like the premise of a book when it involves the protagonist attempting to steal a boyfriend away from another girl.  It's too Jessica Wakefield for my taste, and it's never as much fun in these books.  In fact, it's never fun unless Jessica does it.

The author misdirects the reader so effectively that the ending didn't satisfy me at all.  I was just taken aback, since I expected a different ending.  I didn't like this book very much, but I was able to read most of it

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