Saturday, February 29, 2020

Sweet Dreams #37 Portrait of Love and #38 Running Mates

Sweet Dreams #37 Portrait of Love, Jeanette Nobile, 1983

Samantha's not sure she's gong to like Santa Barbara.  It doesn't have skyscrapers or the Yankees.  And the cheesecake is lousy.  But it does have Tony Pappas, boy artist.

Tony likes Samantha, but there's a big problem.  Art is Tony's first love.  And worse yet, Samantha's mother is teaching painting—to Tony.  The two of them spend hours talking and working together.  Samantha feels like the odd man out.  How can she get Tony's undivided attention?

This is another book where the girl likes a boy, but I feel nothing.  How can I care when I feel nothing?

I read enough of the book to determine that I wasn't interested.

Sweet Dreams #38 Running Mates, Jocelyn Saal, 1983

Carole and Steve were a couple once.  But that seems like long ago.  Carole thinks Steve is just too conservative.  She wants to change things.

And what better place to start than the election for school president?  If Steve can run, thinks Carole, so can she.  And may the best candidate win.

Carole's surprised at Steve's support, despite their rivalry.  He seems to be changing, opening up, and Carole finds herself falling in love again.  But what will happen when the votes are counted and only one is a winner?

I was not very interested in this story, but I skimmed the book up to page 95.  I try to give each book a decent chance before I quit completely.  When Carole's parents actually laugh at her for running for class president, I decided to quit.  How disgusting.

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