Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sweet Valley High #126 Tall, Dark, and Deadly, #127 Dance of Death, and #128 Kiss of a Killer

In Sweet Valley High #126, Tall, Dark, and Deadly, most of the girls at Sweet Valley High immediately fall in love with the new student, Jonathan Cain.  Liz senses something wrong with Jonathan, and she deeply dislikes him.  Enid is especially smitten, and she rejects Liz's friendship when Liz criticizes Jonathan.

Jessica will stop at nothing to gain Jonathan's affection, despite Jonathan's rude behavior and warning that she needs to stay away from him for her own safety.

In Sweet Valley High #127, Dance of Death, Jessica and the rest of the girls continue chasing after Jonathan.  Jessica shares a passionate kiss with Jonathan, but the next day she learns that Enid spent the rest of the evening with Jonathan and has a hickey on her neck.

Liz's summer fling, Joey Mason, has moved to Sweet Valley.  Liz is confused, torn between Todd and Joey.

Jonathan throws a party at his mansion.  The evening ends in tragedy with one person dead.

On page 102, Jessica paces around the school's gravel parking lot.  This surprised me.  I always thought that Sweet Valley High had a paved parking lot.  Why would the pampered students of Sweet Valley High put up with gravel?

In Sweet Valley High #128, Kiss of a Killer, Jonathan nearly kills Enid, after losing control.  Enid lies in the hospital, unconscious.  Liz breaks into Jonathan's house to search for clues.  She finds some books about vampires.  Liz looks into the history of vampires and concludes that Jonathan is a vampire.  Can Liz save Jessica before it is too late?

It's clear that Jonathan really is a vampire.  Unlike the werewolf trilogy, this trilogy leaves little doubt.  Actually, there is slight doubt, since nobody witnesses Jonathan drinking blood, but I feel confident that he is really a vampire.  Like with the werewolf trilogy, the subsequent books in the series make no mention of vampire and simply refer to Jonathan as a "disturbed serial killer."

Liz is so disgusting.  She decides that she is in love with Todd, but she can't bring herself to tell Joey the truth.

I greatly enjoyed this trilogy.  I found all parts interesting with nothing boring.

I did not make note of which book, but one of these vampire books is the first book in the series to mention the Internet by name.

The next books in the sequence are The Fowlers of Sweet Valley and The Patmans of Sweet Valley.  I decided not to read either book.  I am not interested in reading about Lila and Bruce's ancestors.  I want to stick with modern day Sweet Valley,  Let's get this series finished as soon as possible.

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