Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sweet Valley High #117 Jessica the Genius, #118 College Weekend, #119 Jessica's Older Guy, and Return of the Evil Twin

In Sweet Valley High #117, Jessica the Genius, everyone is worried about the SAT, except for Jessica.  Liz studies for hours, while Jessica has a good time.  When the scores come in, Liz finds that she did much worse than she expected, while Jessica made a high composite score.  Many students think that Jessica cheated, and even Liz and Ken doubt Jessica.

Both Liz and Jess take the test again.  This time, Liz takes it easy while Jessica studies.  Liz does great, while Jessica does bad.  The school insists that Jessica cheated and expels her.  Liz gets the school board to let Liz hold a trial for Jessica so that she can prove that Jessica did not cheat.

This book is like the typical Sweet Valley High book.  It is very good.

In Sweet Valley High #118, College Weekend, Liz and Jess spend a week at Sweet Valley University.  They stay with Steven and Billie.  Jessica throws a party the first night when Steven and Billie are away, and the apartment gets trashed.  Meanwhile, Liz learns more about the journalism program.  She gets to attend a class and writes an essay about college life.  Liz's essay is the best in the class, so the professor offers her a job on the university's newspaper.  Liz decides to get her GED and begin college immediately.

How typical that Liz can write a better essay than an entire class of college students.

I enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #119, Jessica's Older Guy, Jessica continues her relationship with Zach Marsden, but she has to keep it a secret.  Jessica plans to pledge Theta Alpha Theta, but one of the girls wants to date Zach.  Jessica convinces the girl that Liz is the one dating him.  Jessica comes up with a scheme where both she and Liz show up at a fraternity party as Jessica.  To the Theta girls, however, Jessica will pretend to be Elizabeth.

I enjoyed this book less than the other two in this miniseries.

In Sweet Valley High Magna Edition, Return of the Evil Twin, Nora discovers that she has a twin sister, Margo, who was separated from her years ago.  Nora tracks Margo to Sweet Valley.

Nora also learns about Margo's scheme to take over Elizabeth's life.  Nora is devastated to learn that Margo is dead and pledges to get revenge on the Wakefields.

Nora wants to take over Jessica's life, but she soon learns that Margo is actually still alive.  Margo was believed dead, but she held her breath until the ambulance drove off.  Margo made it wreck, killing the paramedics.  Margo then vanished.  It's rather odd that the Wakefield family never learned about this sequence of events.

Now reunited, Margo and Nora plan to take over as the Wakefield twins.

This is crazy.  We are supposed to believe that a set of identical twins is identical to Liz and Jess, so Sweet Valley now has four identical twins.

This is not a good book.  I felt almost no suspense and skimmed most of the story.

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