Monday, February 26, 2018

Sweet Valley High Falling for Lucas, #123 Elizabeth's Rival, #124 Meet Me at Midnight, and #125 Camp Killer

In Sweet Valley High Super Edition, Falling for Lucas, a group of students from Sweet Valley High goes on a ski vacation at Snow Mountain Lodge.  Jessica and Lila both immediately fall for Lucas, who is one of the ski instructors.  Both girls scheme to keep Lucas away from the other.

Todd tries to trick Liz into spending the night with him in his room.  It's not clear exactly what Todd intends to have happen, since the text is vague.  I figure we can assume the worst, which is what Liz does.  Liz is furious, so she and Todd have a big fight.  Todd chases after Liz late one evening on the slopes and is swept away in an avalanche.  Liz is remorseful and fears for his safety.

For most of this series, I have not liked Liz and Todd's relationship that much.  By this point in the series, their relationship is unbearable.  They fight in nearly every book, and then they make up.

This book is just okay.

In Sweet Valley High #123, Elizabeth's Rival, Liz and Jess have signed up to be junior counselors at Camp Echo Mountain in Montana.  They are joined by several other Sweet Valley High students as well as Liz's childhood friend, Maria Slater, who is going to be moving back to Sweet Valley, and Maria's best friend from New York, Nicole.

Liz and Nicole both fall for Joey, who is one of the counselors.  Nicole pulls dirty tricks on Liz, and Maria refuses to believe that Nicole has done anything wrong.

It's really odd that most of the junior counselors selected for a camp in Montana either come from Sweet Valley or once lived in Sweet Valley.  This series is no longer trying to be in the slightest bit believable.

On page 182, Liz lies to Joey about Todd, telling him that she and Todd are both free to date others.  Liz now lies just as easily as Jessica.

In Sweet Valley High #124, Meet Me at Midnight, Liz and Nicole hate each other.  Liz wants to keep dating Joey, but Todd Wilkins unexpectedly arrives.  Nicole threatens to tell Todd about Joey.  Poor Liz doesn't know what to do, refusing to tell Todd the truth or break it off with Joey.

Jessica sneaks out of camp to see a boy in town, which is strictly against the rules for junior counselors.

Liz is really much worse than Jessica at this point.  Jessica has cheated on serious boyfriends in the past, but Jessica did not have the deep commitment to them that Liz claims to have to Todd.  Liz is supposedly deeply committed to Todd, but she cheats on him constantly.  It's pathetic and shows Liz to have no morals.

In Sweet Valley High #125, Camp Killer, Nicole continues to threaten Liz, who is still in love with Joey and hasn't told Todd the truth.  Jessica sneaks around after dark with her boyfriend.  Rumors fly about a killer lurking in the woods.  Everyone assumes that the story is a legend until several people are kidnapped.

I enjoyed these books, but I can't stand Liz's awful behavior.  I really believe that Todd and Liz's relationship should have ended many books ago.  It would have been far better for Liz to have had various serious boyfriends over shorter periods of time, like how Jessica's relationships were handled from #49 on.  Jessica has had relationships that lasted for a stretch of books, then the relationships would end due to the boyfriend's convenient death or Jessica cheating.

It's illogical for Liz and Todd to fight in every book, then they make up.  Liz cheats, and Todd forgives her.  Liz cheats again, then Todd forgives her again.  Todd cheats, with Liz getting angry since Todd's cheating is somehow different, but then she forgives him.  Both of them are losers.

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