Friday, February 23, 2018

Sweet Valley High #120 In Love with the Enemy, #121 The High School War, and #122 Kiss Before Dying

In Sweet Valley High #120, In Love with the Enemy, the students of Sweet Valley High and Palisades High escalate their rivalry into dangerous territory.  Bruce Patman heads a group of students who seek revenge against the students of Palisades High.  A group of Palisades students retaliate, and the war escalates.

Jessica decides to enter a surfing contest.  She gets up early every morning to practice, and she quickly falls in love with Christian Gorman.  Too late, Jessica learns that Christian is leading the Palisades gang against Sweet Valley High.

Liz drives recklessly just because she is excited.  Liz is very much like Jessica in these books.

The students have a dance that is advertised at school, yet the dance has no faculty supervision.  Only in Sweet Valley would that happen.

This story is annoying since it rehashes several past plots.  The series has already had gangs from rival schools attacking each other in A Night to Remember.  Bruce Patman has already led a group of boys in pranks in #86 Jessica Against Bruce.  Liz has taken surfing lessons in secret in #63 The New Elizabeth, and this time, Jessica does it.

Jessica has already cheated on past serious boyfriends in a similar fashion to what she does in this book.  So pretty much the entire plot is recycled from various past books.  This is why the higher-numbered books in long-running series tend to be tiresome to read.

In Sweet Valley High #121, The High School War, the situation between Sweet Valley High and Palisades High has worsened.  The rival gang attacks are quite serious.  Jessica continues to see Christian, and she lives in constant fear since he goes to Palisades High.  Jessica also worries that Ken will find out about Christian, and Jessica is not ready to break up with Ken.

I found the first half of the book to be boring at times.  The second half is rather suspenseful.

In Sweet Valley High #122, A Kiss Before Dying, Elizabeth tries to find a way to keep the students of Sweet Valley high and Palisades High from fighting with each other.  She becomes friendly with Rosie Shaw, a student from Palisades High.  Rosie comes up with a plan to get the two groups to settle down.  Liz tells Rosie about where the Sweet Valley High boys are meeting, and it is not until later that Liz realizes that Rosie was using her to cause more trouble.

This book is pretty suspenseful.  The title implies that someone will die, and it's not too hard to guess who that will be, considering the cover art and some melodramatic remarks made during the story.

This is a very good book.

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