Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sweet Valley High #104 Love and Death in London, #105 Date with a Werewolf, and #106 Beware the Werewolf

In Sweet Valley High #104, Love and Death in London, Liz and Jess arrive in London in order to work as interns on the London Journal.  Liz quickly falls for Luke, a strange young man who works for the newspaper, while Jessica falls for Lord Robert Pembroke.  The girls investigate after they learn about a grisly string of murders.  Details about the murders have been withheld from the newspapers, and the girls sense a cover-up.

This book is boring.  It's full of travelogue details.  The reader is supposed to feel fear, but I never felt it.

In Sweet Valley High #105, A Date with a Werewolf, Liz learns all about werewolves from Luke, and she soon suspects that Robert Pembroke might be a werewolf.

On page 38, Elizabeth feels like Nancy Drew.

This book is also boring.

In Sweet Valley High #106, Beware the Wolfman, Robert Pembroke is now in hiding, accused of murder.  Liz thinks he is a werewolf.  Jessica believes he is innocent.

On page 27, Jessica decides that Liz isn't the only one who can be like Nancy Drew.  On page 131, Jessica ruefully thinks about how she's no Nancy Drew, since she hasn't been able to find Robert.

Boring, boring, boring!  Ugh.

These books are painful.  They are supposed to be horror books, but the reader feels nothing.  The books are surreal, and the reader isn't certain what to think about the werewolf situation.  All along, the reader is led towards believing that werewolves are real.  For instance, the elder Pembroke hunts werewolves, which implies that they are real.

When the werewolf finally appears, he is called by that name.  In the next scene, the text states that he is wearing a werewolf mask, but Liz acts completely like she is with a real werewolf, thinking of his fangs and blood.  The werewolf gets killed, and the falling action is vague about what happened.  The reader can infer that the culprit either really was a werewolf or that he was mentally ill.

The next paragraph spoils the identity of the werewolf, although it doesn't matter.  I knew who the werewolf would be all through this awful trilogy.

In the next book in the series that takes place after the girls return to Sweet Valley, Liz is embarrassed that she fell in love with a boy who believed that he was a werewolf.  Okay, so now we know that Luke was not a werewolf.  Then what was the point of the entire trilogy?  I would never read these books again.  They are awful.


Lena D said...

I admire you for digging in with these books. I feel like the earlier numbered books were better. I think when I was younger I had quit reading the books after the Margo one. A lot of the stories seemed to go into trilogies and they were so far fetched, I just couldn't go on. Isn't there one coming up with another horror theme?

Jennifer White said...

There is a trilogy involving a vampire. Unlike these werewolf books, that trilogy is actually good, although quite strange for Sweet Valley High.