Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sweet Valley High #101 Boyfriend War, #102 Almost Married, and #103 Operation Love Match

In Sweet Valley High #101, The Boyfriend War, Jessica and Lila go to the Caribbean during spring break.  Upon their arrival, Jessica learns that Lila tricked her.  She and Lila have been hired to watch over very young children all week.  Jessica and Lila also go after the same boy.

Meanwhile, Liz does research on a report that she plans to write about her mother.  To her shock, she finds a wedding photo of her mother with Hank Patman.  Even worse, Liz suspects that the two are having an affair, since the Patmans are getting divorced.

This is an excellent book and exactly what one expects from Sweet Valley High.  The book contains lots of great humor and is fun to read.  It was a welcome relief after the depressing nature of the previous group of books.

In Sweet Valley High #102, Almost Married, both Todd and Liz's parents will be away all week.  Liz and Todd come up with the crazy idea of Todd staying at Liz's house so that she and Todd can pretend that they are married.  So that Jessica won't tell on them, they agree to cook Jessica's meals and do all of her chores.

Meanwhile, Liz spends time with Bruce as they worry about their parents.  Bruce doesn't want his parents to divorce, and Liz worries that Bruce might become her stepbrother.  Through it all, Liz and Bruce develop a bond and seem to be falling in love.

This book also contains lots of humor and is a very good story.

In Sweet Valley High #103, Operation Love Match, Liz and Bruce have realized that they don't really love each other.  They have also learned that Mrs. Wakefield is not having an affair with Mr. Patman, but the Patmans are still planning to divorce.  Liz, Jess, and Bruce develop a scheme to try to get the Patmans back together.

The trilogy should have ended with the previous book.  This book is mostly boring, and I did not enjoy it much.  It does have some good humor, so I was able to laugh a few times.

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