Friday, February 9, 2018

Sweet Valley High #107 Jessica's Secret Love, #108 Left at the Altar, #109 Double-Crossed, #110 Death Threat, and #111 Deadly Christmas

In Sweet Valley High #107, Jessica's Secret Love, Sue Gibbons, the daughter of Alice Wakefield's college roommate, comes to stay with the Wakefields.  Sue's mother recently passed away, and Sue regards the Wakefields as family.  Sue plans to marry in Sweet Valley, and the Wakefields help her plan her wedding.

Meanwhile, Jessica falls in love with Jeremy, a young man she meets at the beach.  Jessica falls so hard for Jeremy that she is certain that he is her destined love and that she will marry him.  Jessica is shocked when she learns that Jeremy is Sue's fiance.

Jessica has dinner with Bruce at the same restaurant where Sue and Jeremy are dining, in an attempt to make Jeremy jealous.  This scene is utterly hilarious.

I enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #108, Left at the Altar, the wedding plans continue.  Jessica pulls a few dirty tricks, but the wedding proceeds as planned.  During the ceremony, Jessica speaks up on why Sue and Jeremy should not marry, which stops the ceremony.  The book ends on a cliffhanger.

I also enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #109, Double-Crossed, the Wakefields seriously consider sending Jessica away to boarding school due to her outrageous behavior.  Jeremy has to go away for a few weeks, and he leaves his phone number with Jessica.  Oddly, Jessica cannot ever get through to him, but Jessica trusts Jeremy completely.  Sue continues to live with the Wakefields, even though the wedding is off.

Jeremy returns, and he and Jessica attend a Halloween party, which is also attended by Sue.  At the party, Jessica sees Jeremy and Sue kissing.  Jessica is devastated.

I enjoyed this book somewhat less than the previous two books in this miniseries.

In Sweet Valley High #110, Death Threat, Jeremy shows up at the Wakefields, telling them that Sue has been abducted.  Jeremy also convinces Jessica that Sue initiated the kiss and that he is still in love with Jessica.

Very early in the story, the reader learns that Jeremy and Sue have faked Sue's abduction.  Sue is supposed to receive an inheritance, but her mother stipulated that Sue could not marry Jeremy.

Jeremy's love affair with Jessica, the canceled wedding, and the faked abduction are all part of a plan for Jeremy and Sue to get the inheritance and stay together.

I found this book boring until around page 72.  The first part has no suspense, since the reader knows that the abduction is fake.  The story becomes very funny when Jess talks to Lila on the phone and tries to tell her about Sue being held hostage.  Jessica cannot talk freely, since she is not supposed to tell.  Lila misunderstands and thinks that the entire Wakefield family is being held hostage.  This leads to a hilarious series of events.

Nancy Drew is mentioned on page 79.

In Sweet Valley High #111, A Deadly Christmas, Jessica finally realizes that Jeremy has been using her.  Elizabeth and Jessica also learn that Sue has been in on the scheme from the very beginning, but they pretend that they do not realize this.  Later, Sue confesses and claims that she will help them bring Jeremy to justice.  However, the girls are not certain whether Sue is telling the truth.  She might still be working with Jeremy.

While I overall enjoyed this book, I was a bit bored with the story by this point in the miniseries.

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