Friday, March 2, 2018

Sweet Valley High Jessica Takes Manhattan, #129 Cover Girls, #130 Model Flirt, and #131 Fashion Victim

In Sweet Valley High #128, Jessica Takes Manhattan, Jessica and Lila spend one week in New York City.  Lila is mistaken for Princess Charlotte, who just arrived.  Lila is taken to Princess Charlotte's suite.  Meanwhile, the princess ends up in Lila's small room and is quite thrilled about the situation.  The princess is happy to be away from media scrutiny.  Kidnappers mistake Lila for Princess Charlotte, and Lila and Jess are held hostage for ransom.

The reason Jessica and Lila get to go away is because Sweet Valley High's roof collapsed.  It will take around one week to repair.   I find it doubtful that a collapsed roof would be repaired in just one week.

On page 131, we learn that Lila has a "cellular phone."  Since Lila is the only character who has a cell phone, we can assume that only the wealthy would have had a cell phone in 1997.

However, I owned a cell phone beginning in 1996, and I wasn't wealthy.  There were these things called "cell phone plans" where one didn't have to pay the full cost of the phone.  And can you believe we still have those plans now?  Wow.

This is a fun book.  I read it quickly and greatly enjoyed it.

Jessica Takes Manhattan is the final illustrated Sweet Valley High cover.  The rest of the series uses photographs of the actors and actresses from the Sweet Valley High television series, which starred identical twins Brittany and Cynthia Daniel.

In Sweet Valley High #129, Cover Girls, for a school project, Jessica and Elizabeth intern at a fashion magazine, Flair, in Los Angeles.  Jessica schemes to get a modeling job, which she is certain will launch her career.  Liz interns for the managing editor and strives to be just like her.

This book is extremely boring.  I did not like it.  It also didn't help that it gave me bad flashbacks to the Nancy Drew Girl Detective Model Mystery Trilogy.

In Sweet Valley High #130, Model Flirt, Jessica is torn between the photographer, Quentin Berg, who could help launch her career, and mail room clerk, Cameron Smith, who won't be able to help Jessica's career.  Jessica solves the problem by dating both men.

Liz learns that her editor, Ms. Peirson, isn't the nice lady she thought when Ms. Peirson takes credit for Liz's great idea.

Liz is upset that Todd has gotten with the model, Simone.  After all, how dare he kiss another woman?

Um, Liz cheated on Todd with Joey for the previous two sets of books, and she didn't see a problem with that.  Liz is a hypocrite, and I hate her.  I hate her with a passion.

The book is boring until halfway through when it finally becomes interesting.

In Sweet Valley High #131, Fashion Victim, Liz has been fired after trying to get credit for her own idea.  Liz tries to get proof against Ms. Peirson, while Todd continues dating Simone.  Jessica loses touch with Cameron and soon regrets that she went after Quentin.

This book mostly bored me.  I do not like this trilogy.

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