Monday, March 5, 2018

Sweet Valley High #132 Once Upon a Time, #133 To Catch a Thief, #134 Happily Ever After, and "R" Is for Revenge

In Sweet Valley High #132, Once Upon a Time, Liz and Jess take jobs as nannies for a royal family in France.  On the trip to France, Jessica falls in love with a handsome young man.

Todd and Liz fight just before the twins depart on their flight, so Liz is miserable.  The children don't like Liz, so she goes off by herself, leaving Jessica with the children.  Liz falls in love with Prince Laurent on first sight.

I cannot stand all the conflict between Todd and Liz.  Just break up already.  Oh, wait.  They break up in every book, but then they get right back together!  Ugh.

This book bored me.

In Sweet Valley High #133, To Catch a Thief, Elizabeth is madly in love with Prince Laurent, but she learns that he is engaged to a dreadful shrew, Antonia.  Prince Laurent wants to break off his engagement, but if he does, Antonia's mother will seek revenge.

Jessica's love interest turns out to be a thief.  Jessica is devastated.

This book has no suspense.  The back cover reveals the entire plot of the book.  If I had not known that information, I would have found the book to be at least somewhat interesting.  The scene pictured on the front cover, which shows the girls in a dungeon, is the final scene in the book.  When a publisher spoils the entire plot on the back cover and pictures the ending on the front cover, you know there is a serious problem.

This book also bored me.

In Sweet Valley High #134, Happily Ever After, Prince Laurent breaks off his engagement so that he can be with Liz.  But wait...

If I had read this book when it was first published, I might have felt some suspense.  Since I knew that the series continues through to #143 and has several special editions, I knew that Liz could not possibly marry Prince Laurent, despite the title and cover photo.  For that reason, this book also bored me.

Why do the twins almost always go to France when they go on international trips?  Aren't there other places that might be interesting?  I suppose that France was chosen since Francine Pascal lives in France.

In Sweet Valley High, "R" for Revenge, the officials at Sweet Valley High have decided that all school activities must have a faculty adviser.  The cheerleaders get the librarian, Nancy Swanson, to agree to be their adviser.  All goes well until the cheerleaders begin to disappear, one by one.

I was shocked that the Sweet Valley High officials finally decided that school activities need a faculty adviser.  Wow.  It only took them until nearly the end of the series to figure this out.  The hazing and assorted criminal activity could have been stopped long ago if only faculty members had been present at school activities.

Todd and Liz aren't speaking because Todd doesn't like how much time Liz is spending on the cheerleader story.  Liz finally calls to make up, and Todd won't listen.  He hangs up on her.  What a baby.  I hate both of them.

I enjoyed this book.

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