Monday, September 2, 2019

Dana Girls #11 The Clue of the Rusty Key

In Dana Girls #11, The Clue of the Rusty Key, Jean and Louise rescue Jasper Conway and his papers when Oliver Pritz sets fire to Conway's store.  Pritz later tries to get the papers away from the girls, and they refuse.  Unfortunately, Pritz manages to steal the papers, and the girls must try to recover them.

For years I have had the impression that I didn't like this book when I read it years ago.  I couldn't remember why.  Reading the book again refreshed my memory.  This story is lame.  Part of the plot involves the girls wondering whether Oliver Pritz and Dr. Gormly are the same person, when it is stupidly obvious that they are.  The plot is also full of a bunch of randomness that is not entertaining.

On page 103, Mr. Fletcher has "a motion-picture camera of latest design."  I realize that the Fletchers are wealthy, but this is only 1942 and rather impressive.

On page 105, a random baby shows up outside the Fletchers' home.  Of course, they decide to keep it.  Why not?  Wouldn't anyone keep a random baby that shows up outside their house?

The bit about the baby reminds me of the Kay Tracey book, Beneath the Crimson Brier Bush.  I mention this mainly because two other phrases on the following few pages remind me of other series books.  The phrases are just coincidental and mean nothing, but I was amused nevertheless.  On page 107, a "sunken garden" is mentioned, reminding me of another Kay Tracey book.  Finally, on page 108, a "frozen fountain" is mentioned, which reminded me of a later book in the Dana Girls series.

Lettie puts medicine in box of chocolates, making the Danas sick.  That girl ought to be severely punished for her behavior, but little is ever done to her.

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This is the first book in the series which pairs the girls off with male companions.  Two young men, Edwin and Barry, stay at the Fletchers' home, and they go skating with the girls.

The book is overall good to very good, but I lost interest towards the end.  I forgot that I hadn't finished the book and started reading the next book in the series.  I later figured out that I hadn't finished, but I didn't care.  The story is a bit repetitive, besides all the random events.

And the Pritz/Gormly thing is stupid.  I used to own a copy of the German edition of The Clue of the Rusty Key, but the cover art did not appeal to me.  Why?  I hate the stupid Pritz/Gormly thing.  I certainly don't want to own a book that pictures it on the front cover.

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