Friday, September 13, 2019

Dana Girls #15 The Secret of the Jade Ring

In Dana Girls #15, The Secret of the Jade Ring, a new student, Fleurette Garnier, has just arrived at Starhurst.  Fleurette is very reclusive, and at first, she refuses to join the school's archery team.

Jean's jade ring is stolen, and the school's jade ring from its museum is discovered to be a fake.  Fleurette acts flustered whenever jade rings are mentioned, which places suspicion on her.  The Danas believe Fleurette is honest, but they cannot solve the mystery without Fleurette's cooperation.

On page 2, the readers are finally told that the girls have lived with Aunt Harriet and Uncle Ned ever since the death of their parents.  It seems like that information should have been mentioned in the first book in the series.

The text contains lots of information about the history of jade and jade rings.  Since this is the first book actually written in the middle 1950s, it is the first Dana Girls book that tries to be educational.  That, of course, makes the book less enjoyable to read.

On page 169, Ina speaks out against Lettie.  This is rather unusual.  It's also rather fun.

This book follows the formula of the later Syndicate books, and this will be the case for the duration of the Dana Girls series.

I found this story to be a bit repetitive and boring.  I was bored by two-thirds of the way through the book and began skimming parts of it.

This book is overall good, at least up until the point where I became bored.

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One of the better Dana Girls cover illustrations.