Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Nancy Pembroke #7 Nancy Pembroke, Senior

In Nancy Pembroke #7, Nancy Pembroke, Senior, Nancy and her friends continue their charity work via their secret organization.  They are now in their last year of college, and they hope to pass the torch to members of the junior class, if they can find the right kind of girls.

I enjoyed most of the book.  I became bored during the last several chapters.  The girls have one party after another leading up to their graduation, which is a bit much.  After enduring probably at least five parties, I then had to endure lengthy commencement events.  I was completely uninterested, but I made sure that I read the ending.

Nancy Pembroke truly is an unusual series.  Nancy Pembroke, College Maid and Nancy Pembroke, Sophomore at Roxford feature a large amount of hazing, and absolutely everyone is completely fine with the hazing.  Hazing is considered necessary to one's growth as a person.  These two books are rather interesting, although absurd.

In between the above books, Nancy travels to Canada in Nancy Pembroke's Vacation in Canada.  Nancy behaves like an idiot in this book and the reader must endure copious information about historical statues in Canada.  After Nancy's Sophomore year, she travels to New Orleans in Nancy Pembroke in New Orleans.  Actually, Nancy spends a lot of time in other places in this book.  I dislike both of these books and mostly did not read them.  I don't feel that I missed out on much, and I was able to enjoy the final books in the series just fine.

In the last three books, Nancy Pembroke, Junior; Nancy Pembroke in Nova Scotia; and Nancy Pembroke, Senior; Nancy matures.  These three books are the strongest titles in the series.  It's incredible to see how much Nancy changes and what a wonderful person she becomes.

In closing, I do recommend the Nancy Pembroke series to those readers who enjoy early 20th century college series books.  The stories have little to no mystery and are simply an account of the girls' adventures through college.  For the most part, the books are quite interesting and enjoyable.

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