Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dana Girls #14 The Clue in the Ivy

In Dana Girls #14, The Clue in the Ivy, Jean and Louise spend the weekend with their friend, Carol Humfrey, in Old Bridge.  The girls soon learn that the residents are frightened because Webster College's chapel bell rings at night.  The chapel reportedly holds the clue to a missing treasure that, if found, could keep the college from being sold.  The Danas resolve to find the treasure if at all possible.

This book was published in 1952, but the book was actually written in 1944, which is when Mildred Wirt signed the release.  If the series had not gone on hiatus in the late 1940s, this book would have been published in 1945.

On page 12, the text reveals that the Danas have been at Starhurst for three years.  Aunt Harriet is in her mid-forties.

On page 98, the Danas learn that some men, who had been in contact with Lettie, had dug up a dead cat, thinking it would be treasure.  Later, the Danas play a prank on Lettie by sending her a box with cat fur in it.

This is an overall good book.