Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Kay Tracey #12 In the Sunken Garden

In Kay Tracey #12, In the Sunken Garden, Kay is mistaken for another girl who apparently looks just like her.  Kay is eager to meet her double, Mary Jane, but the girl proves to be elusive.  Soon, Kay is accused of causing a car accident and is sued.  Mary Jane was allegedly responsible, so Kay must find Mary Jane before she is forced to pay damages.

Kay's search leads her to an old mansion where a mysterious figure dances in the sunken garden at night.  This mysterious dancer may hold the key to the mystery.

Kay is in peril soon after the story begins.  On page 7, Kay cuts her hand with a kitchen knife, and blood gushes out.

On page 40, a heavy piece of wood crashes through a skylight during a storm.

Kay pretends to be Mary Jane in multiple scenes.  She dines with Mary Jane's beau, who proposes marriage.  Kay has to find a way to avoid answering the proposal.

On page 114, Mrs. Tracey makes the following observation.
"I can't make head nor tail of it myself," confessed Mrs. Tracey.  "You speak of so many persons who seem to have no connection with one another."
But that's a typical Kay Tracey mystery, and of course all of these people are connected.

On page 153, Kay looks for Mary Jane in the mansion.  Mary Jane's dog, Jerry, indicates interest in a certain locked room.  Kay calls out and receives no answer.  Kay tells the dog, "Mary Jane couldn't be in there now or she would answer."  Um, I can think of several reasons why Mary Jane wouldn't or couldn't answer.  And of course, Kay soon realizes that Mary Jane is indeed in that room.

On page 176, we learn that Kay and Mary Jane not only look just like each other, they are also the same size, including their feet.  Kay can wear all of Mary Jane's clothing!  How convenient.

The later Garden City and Book, Inc. editions have the same text as the Cupple and Leon books.

I enjoyed this story.  It's the usual Kay Tracey crazy.

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