Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sweet Valley High Wakefields of Sweet Valley, #78 Dating Game, and #79 Long-Lost Brother

In Sweet Valley High Saga, The Wakefields of Sweet Valley, the history of the maternal side of Elizabeth and Jessica's family is detailed.  Oddly, most generations have a set of identical twins whose names tend to be very similar to Elizabeth and Jessica.  Even stranger, the sets of twins have personalities eerily similar to Liz and Jess.  This is too stupid for me.

This book bored me.  I knew within the first few pages that it wasn't for me.  I skimmed through the book.  I would have rather read detailed information about the young lives of Ned and Alice Wakefield instead of past generations and their friends that strangely had rather similar names to the teenagers of modern Sweet Valley.  It was too ridiculous.

In Sweet Valley High #78, The Dating Game, Scott Trost writes love letters to both Jean West and Claire Middleton.  The girls are furious when they compare letters and see that Scott wrote to both of them.  Jean and Clair confront Scott, who then proposes that the girls compete to see who can win his heart.

On page 55, "Elizabeth couldn't remember ever seeing Lila so excited.  Had someone named a shopping mall after her, Elizabeth wondered."

Now that is funny.

At least this book is less stupid than the Wakefield saga, but it is still a bit stupid.  However, I overall enjoyed it.

In Sweet Valley High #79, The Long-Lost Brother, Sara Eastborne's twin brother, Tim, got into trouble a few years ago.  Tim lives with their father, and Sara has lied about Tim's past, claiming that he is a sports star.  Tim comes to live with Sara and her mother, and Sara tries to keep his past a secret, which puts her own friendships in jeopardy.

From page 6:
The light changed and Jessica pressed her foot down on the gas pedal, sending the little car zooming through the intersection.  "You mean women who husbands hit them?"

"Yes," Elizabeth answered sadly.

Expertly, Jessica rummaged through her bag, keeping her eyes on the road the whole time, and brought out of stick of gum.  After unwrapping it, she folded it into her mouth.

"Bummer," she said, consulting the rearview mirror before signaling and changing lanes.
I love Jessica. She always delivers the laughs.

Sara really annoyed me.  She is quite hateful towards her brother.  I do understand that she fears embarrassment and that she wants to hide his past, but her nastiness is way beyond understanding.

I enjoyed this book.

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