Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sweet Valley High Todd's Story, #87 Best Friend's Boyfriend, and #88 Love Letters for Sale

In Sweet Valley High Super Star, Todd's Story, Todd has never told anyone about one of his experiences from when he lived in Vermont.  Todd saw a young man, Kevin Holmes, assaulting someone and called the police.  Todd testified at Kevin's trial, which resulted in Kevin going to prison.  Now Kevin has shown up in Sweet Valley as one of Todd's fellow counselors at the summer camp at Secca Lake.

All of Todd's friends adore Kevin, so Todd keeps quiet about what he knows.  Soon, Todd realizes that he should have spoken up.  Kevin is in Sweet Valley to get revenge, and Todd's silence has helped Kevin with his scheme.

This story must have been written earlier in the sequence than when it was published.  Cara is supposed to have already moved to London, yet she still lives in Sweet Valley in this book.  Jessica's current boyfriend is supposed to be Sam, yet he doesn't exist in this book.

I found this story to be gripping.  I'm not a big Todd fan, but I really felt for him as he struggled with his knowledge about Kevin and tried to prevent Kevin from harming Elizabeth.

This is an excellent story.

In Sweet Valley High #87, My Best Friend's Boyfriend, Ginny Belasca volunteers at Project Youth.  She helps a boy named Mike, and he becomes a frequent caller to the hotline.  Soon, Mike wants to meet Ginny, but Ginny knows that she is not pretty enough and feels certain that Mike will not like her.

Ginny has her best friend, Denise Hadley, meet Mike for her, while pretending to be Ginny.  Denise falls in love with Mike, but the only problem is that he thinks she is Ginny.  Later, Ginny meets Mike, while pretending to be Denise.

This plot is such a mess.  It's totally stupid, and the story is just mediocre.

In Sweet Valley High #88, Love Letters for Sale, Jessica's latest money-making scheme is a letter-writing service.  Elizabeth agrees to write the letters while Jessica screens them.  The girls quickly earn plenty of money, but Jessica soon has a problem.  One letter requests a love letter to Elizabeth's boyfriend.  Jessica hides the identity of the requested recipient, which means that Liz unknowingly writes a love letter from another girl to her own boyfriend.  And it gets worse from there.

Liz looks just like Martha Stewart on the book's cover.

This plot is also a bit ridiculous, but I found it much more enjoyable than the previous book.

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