Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sweet Valley High #91 In Love with a Prince, #92 She's Not What She Seems, #93 Stepsisters, and #94 Are We in Love?

In Sweet Valley High #91, In Love with a Prince, Elizabeth's pen pal, Prince Arthur of Santa Dora, visits Sweet Valley.  He falls in love with Dana Larson, who at first will have nothing to do with him.  Soon, Dana falls for Prince Arthur, and he asks her to marry him.  Prince Arthur came to Sweet Valley to find his princess, and Dana now must make a big decision.

Royalty comes to Sweet Valley.  Yuck.

I did not like this book.  It bored me.

In Sweet Valley High #92, She's Not What She Seems, Jessica lands a starring role in Macbeth.  Jessica stops spending time with her friends so that she can study her lines.

Meanwhile, Paula Perrine acts like Jessica's biggest fan, while taking Jessica's place with her friends.  Only Jessica can see that Paula is manipulating everyone.  Can Jessica prevent Paula from hurting her?

The first half of this book bored me.  Towards the end, the book finally becomes interesting.

In Sweet Valley High #93, Stepsisters, Annie Whitman's mother is getting remarried, but to a black man.  Annie doesn't mind that her new stepfather and stepsister will be black, but she is worried about what others will think.  Annie hides the fact that her stepsister-to-be, Cheryl, is black, so when her friends arrive at the party Annie throws for Cheryl, everyone is shocked.

Hiding the truth has drawn more attention to Cheryl being black than otherwise would have been the case.  Annie then behaves in an overprotective fashion towards Cheryl, thereby endangering their relationship.  Can Annie come to terms with the situation and become close to Cheryl?

I really enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #94, Are We in Love?, Steven and Cheryl become good friends.  Everyone else thinks they are falling for each other, so Steven and Cheryl begin to think the same.  They become a couple, and only later do both begin to see that they were trying to prove a point.  Can Steven and Cheryl rescue their friendship?

This book is somewhat mediocre.  It's apparent from the start that Steven and Cheryl don't love each other, so reading the story is a bit tedious.  At the end of the story, Steven and Cheryl do regain their friendship, so you would expect them to spend time with each other as friends in the coming books, or at least for a few books.  But alas, the Sweet Valley High series goes in a new direction, so these events don't matter at all.

#94 is the last book in the Sweet Valley High series that can be considered canon.  From this point on, the series no longer has individual stories.  Each book is part of a miniseries.  Both Jessica's and Liz's personalities shift so that they are more like each other.  Jessica is somewhat more settled, and Liz is more willing to participate in activities that Jessica likes.  The stories tend to be either darkly disturbing or quite bizarre.

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