Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sweet Valley High #80 Girl They Both Loved, Olivia's Story, and #81 Rosa'a Lie

In Sweet Valley High #80, The Girl They Both Loved, April Dawson's boyfriend, Michael Harris, is obsessed with an old rival, Artie Western.  April decides to find out what happened, even if it risks her relationship with Michael.

Meanwhile, Jessica meets Sam Woodruff, who will be her serious boyfriend for around two dozen books.

This is overall a rather forgettable book.  I can't even remember what I thought of it.  As best I can recall, the main plot bored me.  I think I overall enjoyed the book, despite it not being very interesting.

In Sweet Valley High Super Star, Olivia's Story, Olivia Davidson spends a lot of time with James Yates, an art student.  Meanwhile, Olivia's cousin, Emily, comes to visit.  Emily is very organized and dresses in a professional manner, while Olivia is disorganized and dresses in an offbeat fashion.  Soon, both Olivia and Emily become confused, each secretly thinking that she should be more like her cousin.

The first part of this book is very boring.  Once Olivia and Emily began trying to be like each other, the book grabbed my interest.  I enjoyed the rest of the story.

In Sweet Valley High #81, Rosa's Lie, Rosa Jameson is the daughter of immigrants from Mexico.  She does not look Mexican, so she has successfully hidden her heritage from all of her friends.  When Rosa's grandmother visits her in Sweet Valley, Rosa's is scared that her friends will learn the truth.  Rosa soon becomes ashamed of herself.  Can she come to terms with her heritage while keeping her friends?

Rosa pledges Pi Beta Alpha, and the sorority has the pledges complete various tasks.  I found it impossible to believe that the girls could do things like start a food fight, remove all of the furniture from the guidance counselor's office, and raid the boys' locker room without getting in trouble. 

I enjoyed this book.

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