Monday, January 1, 2018

More Books Listed/15% Off Sale Ends Tomorrow

I'm finally finished with listing books.  I have listed at least 100 books on eBay and Etsy combined. 

I have quite a few bulk lots on eBay.  I often revise existing listings to create the bulk lots.  For instance, I had eight Italian Three Investigators books that I wanted to combine.  Two of the books had one day left, so I ended them.  The other six books had 28 days left, so I did not wish to end those listings.  I turned five of those six listings into completely different items.  The final listing was turned into the bulk lot of eight books.

Since bulk lots often come from existing listings, they won't show up as newly listed.  This makes them harder to spot among all of my items.  For that reason, I created a "Bulk Lots" category in my eBay store so that the bulk lots can be found.

Bulk Lots

The bulk lots are restricted to United States buyers only.  This is because I know that it is highly unlikely that an international buyer will be willing to pay the extremely high postage cost.  International postage on the bulk lots would run from $75 up to $150 or higher for the heaviest lots.  That's why I don't take the time to figure the international postage cost for those listings when my time will be wasted.  Nobody is going to go for it.

The promotion for 15% off any order containing two or more books ends tomorrow night, January 2, 2018.  If you see this blog post after January 2, 2018, the offer will no longer be active and will not be honored.

The reason I have to give the disclaimer about not honoring the sale later is that I once had a buyer expect me to honor a sale from months before after she stumbled across the old blog post.  People will try anything.

Remember that you get the 15% discount when two or more items are purchased in the same transaction.  The items must be placed in the shopping cart first, then the offer will be activated.  After the items are in the shopping cart, then checkout can be completed.

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