Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sweet Valley High #82 Kidnapped by the Cult!, #83 Steven's Bride, and #84 The Stolen Diary

In Sweet Valley High #82, Kidnapped by the Cult!, Jessica has been grounded, her friends don't understand her, and she has a fight with her boyfriend, Sam.  Jessica feels all alone until she learns about the Good Friends cult.  The Good Friends are so caring.  They know how Jessica feels, and they encourage her to break ties with her family so that she can join their cause.

The title is misleading, since Jessica is never kidnapped.  Additionally, Jessica does not leave to join the cult until near the end of the story, just like in the books in which Jessica or Liz run away.  Lame!  Why can't the good stuff happen early in the story?

I enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #83, Steven's Bride, Steven learns that his girlfriend, Cara Walker, is moving to London.  Jessica gets the bright idea that Steven and Cara should get married, and Steven immediately runs with the idea.  Both Steven and Cara privately have misgivings, as is apparent from the dreadful cover art, but neither admits to their feelings.

Fortunately, Steven and Cara do not marry, and Cara does move to London at the end of the book.  Steven and Cara's relationship has always bored me, and I was thrilled to see it end.

I did not enjoy this book very much.

In Sweet Valley High #84, The Stolen Diary, Todd and Elizabeth decide to date other people.  Liz goes out with Kris Lynch, but soon realizes that she still wants to be with Todd.  When Liz tells Kris the truth, Kris gets revenge.

Jessica is great in this book.  I love Jessica the best when she champions her twin sister.

I enjoyed this story.

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