Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sweet Valley High #72 Rock Star's Girl, #73 Regina's Legacy, and #74 The Perfect Girl

In Sweet Valley High #72, Rock Star's Girl, Jessica's favorite rock star, Jamie Peters, has just moved to Sweet Valley.  Jessica and Lila hide in the bushes behind Jamie's property and eavesdrop on him.  One day, the girls are shocked to see new student, Andrea Slade, at the pool on Jamie's property.  Can Andrea be Jamie's girlfriend?

It's ridiculous that the girls assume that Andrea must be Jamie's girlfriend and that she cannot have any other possible relationship with him, like possibly being his daughter.  Duh.

This is a very good book.

In Sweet Valley High #73, Regina's Legacy, Mrs. Morrow gives Elizabeth a camera that belonged to Regina.  Coincidentally, at the exact same time, a photography club has just been formed at Sweet Valley High, and Elizabeth has joined the club.  This is rather convenient.

Anyway, Liz goes out taking pictures at the beach, and she photographs three men.  Soon, Liz realizes that someone is trying to get her photos and concludes that he is one of the men.  Can Liz solve the mystery before someone gets hurt?

I enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #74, The Perfect Girl, Robin Wilson fears that her boyfriend, George Warren, is losing interest in her.  Robin decides that she needs to lose weight, so she quits eating.  Soon, Robin has become anorexic, and everyone is worried about her.  Will Robin get help before it is too late?

I like how the series has begun to tackle serious problems, but unfortunately, the problems always get resolved by the end of the story, which is not realistic.

I enjoyed this book.

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